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Can Vinyl be Used in Commercial Applications?

by Bestlaminate
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If you own a small business or you manage a business’ renovations, and it’s time to upgrade your look, you might be wondering which type of flooring is best for you. You’ve seen vinyl plank flooring, but you wonder, Can vinyl be used in commercial applications?

Yes, It Can!

Vinyl plank flooring can absolutely be used in commercial applications. Known for it’s durability, vinyl flooring is actually ideal for commercial use. Keep in mind that the wear layer is what determines the durability of the vinyl plank flooring. When installing in commercial settings, look for the highest wear layer to assure maximum durability. It is also recommended that you get a thick vinyl flooring too. While this doesn’t have much to do with the durability, it is very helpful to the stability of your floor when it’s thicker.

Can Vinyl be Used in Commercial Applications

Are There Other Advantages?

Yes, the moisture resistance of vinyl plank flooring is one of the greatest advantages. In commercial applications especially, minor moisture exposure can occur. With vinyl plank flooring, you don’t have to worry about the flooring getting destroyed. Even in the worst case scenario of flooding, vinyl plank flooring can be uninstalled, dried, and reinstalled like new. Vinyl plank flooring is becoming a very popular flooring solution in commercial spaces as it offers the beauty of wood, with durability and resistance far surpassing laminate and hardwood.

Modern Home Office by Washington Carpet & Flooring Koydol Inc.

Modern Home Office by Washington Carpet & Flooring Koydol Inc.

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Luke Smith May 22, 2023 - 1:19 am

I like that you talked about how known for its durability, vinyl flooring is actually ideal for commercial use. I went to the mall the other day and one of the stores I entered was actually using commercial vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring looks really nice, so I could understand why it is so popular now.

Dennis Jones September 24, 2022 - 3:31 pm

Three years ago we had installed Aquarius snap together flooring in the living room and down the hall [7mm]. Very happy with the performance and ease of maintenance. [we are on a slab] I am in a wheel chair – the last
9 years.
Three months ago had the Aquarius pattern Pearl Grey [no only 5.45mm / different core — new construction design] installed in the adjacent kitchen. Two and a half months later this flooring has raised up at about 7 places on the butt seam and flexes down easily. This resulting in 2 corners have lifted about 1/4″ [dog eared liked a page in a book ]
The flooring company installers came by the same week I called, and said they didn’t know what the reason was – and they would back to me. I know that it cannot be repaired, is there an answer, why?
Both times they indicated the wheel chair voids the warranty. That I knew, and yet the year performance gave me a confidence that a similar serviceability could be expected.

Rachel Vahcic September 29, 2022 - 1:49 pm

Thanks for your question, Dennis. We are sorry to hear of your flooring experience thus far. We would recommend reaching out to the manufacturer of your flooring to address the issues you are facing. Unfortunately, a wheelchair can risk the performance of a floating floor due to the weight and movement it causes. We suggest contacting the retailer you purchased the material from. Best of luck!

Rebecca Gardner April 1, 2021 - 2:53 pm

Thanks for explaining that vinyl plank flooring is moisture-resistant. My brother wants to choose a flooring option for the remodel of his small commercial building this summer. Reading your article should help him understand some of the benefits vinyl plank flooring could provide for him!


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