101 Vinyl Flooring

Can I install laminate flooring over vinyl flooring?

Many homeowners ask whether or not they can install laminate flooring over vinyl flooring. The short answer is yes, you can install laminate flooring over vinyl flooring. However, there are special things to consider. How To Do It Right Laminate flooring can be installed over vinyl as long as: The vinyl is level The vinyl is in good condition The vinyl …

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Is laminate flooring the same as vinyl flooring?

Is laminate flooring the same as vinyl flooring? We get this question asked a lot. It is easy to get confused between laminate flooring and vinyl plank flooring, since they look so similar. Laminate flooring and vinyl flooring are two entirely different products! Although they have a lot in common, including very similar looks, they share some major differences. Vinyl …

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What is Click Vinyl Plank Flooring?

Click vinyl plank flooring is an engineered, floating vinyl floor. This means that click vinyl plank flooring will work in many areas of your home. Mudrooms, bathrooms, and entry ways are no longer off limits when it comes to getting a beautiful wood-look in those areas of your home. Vinyl plank flooring can be installed in those so called “wet” areas …

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Can I Use Vinyl Plank Flooring on Top of Radiant Heating?

With technology advancing as it is today, one of the best inventions as of late is radiant heating! For those who don’t know what it is, radiant heating is a special type of heating that is placed underneath the flooring. The heat radiates through the flooring, making it warm on your feet. Many people love these floors in bathrooms and …

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Can vinyl flooring be used outside?

Looking for a flooring that can be used on a deck or outdoor patio? You may have come across vinyl flooring and wondered, Can vinyl flooring be used outside? Kind Of… Vinyl floor can be used in an outdoor, temperature controlled environment. This means that you can install vinyl flooring in a sun room, enclosed porch, or any other “outdoor” space where you can control …

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Can Vinyl be Used in Commercial Applications?

Can Vinyl be Used in Commercial Applications

If you own a small business or you manage a business’ renovations, and it’s time to upgrade your look, you might be wondering which type of flooring is best for you. You’ve seen vinyl plank flooring, but you wonder, Can vinyl be used in commercial applications? Yes, It Can! Vinyl plank flooring can absolutely be used in commercial applications. Known …

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Can I Install Vinyl Floors Under Cabinets?

Can I Install Vinyl Floors Under Cabinets

We often get asked if vinyl flooring can be installed under cabinets. Well, the answer isn’t cut and dry. The two most common installation types of vinyl plank flooring is Click-Lock or Glue-Down installation. Depending on which you install, you may be able to install under cabinets. Click-Lock Installation If you are installing click-lock vinyl plank flooring, you should NOT install …

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Can Vinyl Flooring be Used on a Boat?

Can Vinyl be Used on a Boat

You finally got around to purchasing that dream boat… or at least a boat. So it was on sale because it needs a little fixing up. No problem! It can be your DIY project to keep you occupied… Until you realize the floor is less that desirable looking. You might ask, Can vinyl flooring be used on a boat? It …

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Is vinyl flooring anti-slip?

In choosing a new floor for your home renovation, you may need to keep in mind that your elderly relative is living with you. An important question you may ask is Is vinyl flooring anti-slip? Yes, It Is! Vinyl flooring is the ultimate anti-slip flooring solution. The resin coated and textured surface makes this an anti-slip and very durable surface, and the …

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Does vinyl flooring have an AC rating?

Vinyl flooring is getting more and more popular with the technological advances of the product. The market has grown to include WPC vinyl, hybrid floors and sophisticated waterproof vinyl flooring options. But how do you know which vinyl flooring will hold up the best? Does vinyl flooring have an AC rating?   Traditional Vinyl Does Not Traditional vinyl flooring does …

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