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DIY Thrifted Sweater Pillow Covers


Regardless of the season, when I go thrift shopping I always find myself drawn to the sweater aisle. I sift through the racks, dig through the piles, try on multiple sweaters, and still buy at least one, even when it’s summer. I have two baskets of sweaters in my closet as I write this, but I know if I went …

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DIY Thrifted Batik Place Mats


I have a confession to make. I’ve lived in my house for almost two years and have done next to no decorating. Sure, I’ve put up some shelves, carefully arranged some nick-knacks, but no real decorating. I’ve even left up some of the curtains from the previous owners, ack! I could easily make excuses as to why I haven’t done …

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Re-purposed Laminate Flooring Coat Hanger by DIY Inspired

I love re-purposing old or discarded things into something new. It’s a true passion of mine. With a little imagination, a thrift store or flea market find or even an unwanted item found by a dumpster can be transformed into something more beautiful and useful. Today I want to share a simple project made out of re-purposed laminate flooring planks. …

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How to Paint a Metal Gate – A DIY Guide

I am truly honored to be a contributor and writer for Bestlaminate Blog. For my first post, I wanted to share a simple weekend DIY project, how to paint a metal gate. My metal gate looked really worn and rusty and needed a little TLC. The before and after photo looks like two different sides, but believe it or not …

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DIY Project: Replacing a Ceiling Fan

OK, so I know you can just read the directions that come in the box for replacing a ceiling fan, but after replacing a few in our new home, I thought I’d share some tips that we learned through this process. It’s fairly easy to do, however for some reason my husband and I always run into small problems. The …

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DIY Project: Replace Vinyl Flooring with Laminate

If you are looking for a simple and exciting DIY project, replace vinyl flooring with laminate! Vinyl flooring is very outdated – give your home a modern and bright feel with nature inspired laminate flooring. You can swap out your flooring over a weekend. Installing laminate is very simple, here are the basics you need to know about: Tools and …

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