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The Ultimate Guide to Laminate Flooring Underlayment

Underlayment is an important step for any laminate flooring installation. There are several factors you will need to consider when choosing an underlayment. Learn more about what you should know before buying a laminate flooring underlayment. What Is Flooring Underlayment? It is a thin foam pad, often made of polyethylene or polypropylene, which is laid on the sub-floor before installing …

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Can I Use Wax On Laminate Flooring?

Can I put wax on laminate flooring?

Laminate flooring is not like hardwood flooring. Yes, both are made out of wood, but the maintenance of the two is completely different. Which begs the question if you should use wax on laminate flooring. You Can NOT Use Wax on Laminate Flooring Unlike hardwood, if you use wax on laminate flooring it doesn’t make it shine. Using wax on laminate …

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How Long Should The Flooring Acclimate Prior To Installation?

Should my flooring acclimate

When speaking with your flooring installer, or reading your installation instructions, you may learn that you need to acclimate your flooring before you install your laminate flooring. How Long Do I Acclimate My Flooring? The recommended time for acclimation is 48 to 72 hours. Why is the Time so Long? The reason for this acclimation time is to allow the …

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Can I Use A Steam Mop On Laminate Flooring?

Can I Use A Steam Mop On Laminate Flooring?

We all want to deep clean our floors. It is one of the dirtiest areas in our home! Mud and dirt gets tracked in from shoes and pets, spills and messes can be left unseen and stick, food can get dropped from tables, and so much more. So you may be wondering if you can use a steam mop on …

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Can I Glue Underlayment Down On My SubFloor?

Can I Glue underlayment to the subfloor?

The question of whether you should glue underlayment down to a subfloor may come up if you are installing flooring for the first time. You want to make sure you have a solid foundation for your new flooring. You would think this would extend to your underlayment. Should I Glue Underlayment Down? No, you should not glue down your underlayment. …

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How To Choose The Right Flooring For Your Home

Choosing the Right Flooring

How do you choose the right flooring? Traditionally, floors were made from wood or stone. In their day, they were both abundant and affordable. Carpets have been another long time favorite, and vinyl and linoleum have been affordable options, too. Eco-friendly alternatives, such as bamboo and cork, are newer on the market.Laminate flooring offers an exciting way to both protect …

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Flooring Options That Won’t Break the Bank

Budget Flooring Options

When it comes time to replace that old, worn-out flooring, there are many options to consider. The medieval strength of stone and tile, the warmth and richness of hardwood, the comfort of carpet, the ease of linoleum, and the high-tech advantages of  laminate wood flooring or luxury vinyl plank flooring, each provide transformative powers to a home, but many materials …

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Can I Glue Moldings Down?

Can I glue moldings down?

The question of if you can glue moldings down was touched on in our previous blog post, “Do I Have To Use Tracks With The Moldings?“, but we will elaborate more on this topic in this post.   So… Can I Glue Moldings Down? Yes, you are able to install moldings with glue. This type of installation is especially recommended …

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How to Clean Laminate Floors?

Knowing how to clean laminate floors is the first step to keeping them beautiful for years to come! Laminate floors are designed to be easy to clean and easy to maintain. We’ve prepared a few tips for you that might come in handy! Invest in a Microfiber Mop or Cloth Buy yourself a good quality microfiber mop with removable cloths or …

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What’s The Purpose Of The Wooden Wedge For Laminate Installation?

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Hi May, We’re sorry to hear that you’re having troubles with an installation video! Sounds like the locking system you’re referencing is the G2 or Angle/Angle type of installation. Don’t feel alone though, this type of installation stumps many customers. However, there is hope! Once you understand how to do it, it’s like riding a bike! What Is The Wedge For? …

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