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Installation Guides

Laminate Flooring Installation: Can I Install Laminate Flooring Myself?

Homeowners often ask ‘Can I install laminate flooring myself?’ Laminate flooring is known for being a great project for homeowners that love to work on home improvement projects themselves. If you are a person who can pay attention to detail, follow instructions, and find someone to help; you will be able to install laminate flooring by yourself. Thousands of homeowners have …

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Basic Laminate Flooring Installation Tips

You have purchased laminate flooring and are ready to install your beautiful new laminate floor. Before you begin to install your laminate flooring, you will want to review the following basic laminate flooring installation tips. Laminate flooring will be a permanent fixture in your home; as it is not something that is changed on a regular basis. Therefore, know the …

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7 Steps To Follow When Installing Laminate Flooring Around Pipes, Pillars And Posts

Take the time to finish important details when installing laminate flooring around pipes, pillars and posts. Very often during laminate floor installation people get upset when facing necessary trimming. But don’t worry, installing laminate flooring around pipes, pillars & posts is easy if you know the basic rules to follow. With proper tools and patience you can finish your flooring project like a …

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5 Essential Tools for Laminate Flooring Installation

Laminate Flooring is one of the simplest and most DIY friendly floor materials on the market – learn about the necessary tools for laminate flooring installation here. When installing laminate wood floor in your home you do not need to rent or purchase any expensive tools. To help you with decision what kind of tools you need, we come out …

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