Green Laminate Flooring

Eco-Friendly Floors? What are laminate flooring producers are doing to help the environment? These days, we all want to do what we can to keep our homes pollution free and the environment clean. We are talking about green laminate flooring, and we are not referring to the color of the floor. How often do you hear the words reduce, reuse, recycle? Most of …

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How to Select Laminate Flooring

So you’ve decided to add brand new flooring to your home, congrats! The only issue, where on earth do you start? Selecting laminate flooring may not always be the easiest process as there is so much to choose from!When it comes to laminate you have many categories to take into consideration. We have a little tip for you to remember …

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Classen Laminate Flooring vs Pergo Laminate Flooring

Chances are you’re visiting to find a laminate flooring that will fulfill the needs of your home, as well as your pocketbook. Two of the most recognizable names in the laminate flooring market today are Classen and Pergo. Both of these laminate flooring companies are proud of the fact that they are environmentally friendly and have been in the business for …

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Laminate Flooring Maintenance in 3 Easy Steps

Maintenance in 3 Easy Steps

Laminate flooring maintenance is simple and easy, and can be done in three steps! Laminate floor maintenance involves a little bit of work but requires a lot more work if you’re not keeping up with it. Be sure to keep up on the maintenance of your laminate flooring and your floor will look amazing for years to come. It’s easy and …

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