Celebrity Homes: Ellen DeGeneres’s California Ranch Home

Ellen DeGeneres is everywhere. She’s a comedian, actress, writer, producer, and, of course, television host. She’s a spokespoerson, activist and humanitarian. She also has several homes and fashion lines!

As if all that isn’t enough, in her free time (though we’re not sure how she finds any) she is passionate about redesigning houses and interior design. She turned that passion into a reality with her hit HGTV design competition show that is going into it’s second season in 2016.

Her most recent project was designing and upgrading a horse ranch in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Ellen DeGeneres’ California ranch is made up of 8 cabins, several barns, horse stables, and beautiful landscapes. She and wife Portia de Rossi took twelve short months to spruce up and decorate every space, living in each cabin as they redid it.

Here’s a look at our favorite details of their horse ranch makeover:

Cabin 8’s Living Room

Cabin 8’s living room has a warm and inviting feel. There is light flooding in through a wall of windows, brightening up the room and making it feel cozy yet open. The black brick wall containging the fireplace provides friendly look next to the bright white of the walls and wood beamed ceilings.

Ellen Degeneres Home
Photo Credit: TODAY.com

The Horse Barn

Even though the horse barn is still used for horses, Ellen gave it her personal touch. She decorated one stall as a sitting room with antique furniture and elegant framed bird prints. The barn floor is done with rubber tiles and the entryway area has seating as well as an antique French workbench.

Ellen DeGeneres Horse Stalls
Photo Credit: TODAY.com

The “Romantic Barn”

The Romantic Barn serves as the game room for ping pong and poker and has hosted many famous friends. The room has 20th century factory lamps (a gift to Portia from Ellen on their first wedding anniversary) and other vintage or antique furnishings.

Ellen DeGeneres Ranch
Photo Credit: TODAY.com

The Outdoor “Living Room”

There’s an outdoor living area located in the pasture under a large oak tree. It’s made up of a beautiful wooden pergola with billowing curtains on one side with a day bed and wicker sofa underneath. This is an amazingly a picturesque spot to relax, would you agree?

Ellen DeGeneres Interior Design
Photo Credit: TODAY.com

What’s your favorite part about Ellen’s horse ranch? You can follow Ellen on Facebook or Twitter.

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