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Celebrity Homes: Taylor Swift’s Beach House

Turn on just about any radio station these days and chances are, you’ll hear one of Taylor Swift’s hits. Taylor is a talented artist who hit the scene in full force once discovered. Since then, she has dominated headlines and the hearts of admirers across the globe.

Now, it’s your turn to get let into her house. Taylor Swift’s beach house is one of a few that this artist owns. It’s uniquely decorated in a way that’s chic yet inviting. Here is your opportunity to go behind closed doors and see how she lives when she’s relaxing by the ocean.

The Driveway

Taylor Swift's Beach Home: Driveway
Taylor Swift’s Beach Home: Driveway | Source

Making a positive first impression is easy at Taylor Swift’s house. The circular driveway welcomes guests as they arrive making it easy to drive in and drive out without hassle. The lawn is neatly manicured, giving it a fresh, luxurious impression from the get go.

Private Patio With a View

What’s a luxurious house without a place to relax? The private patio is perfectly secluded away from peering eyes, but that doesn’t prevent it from having a stunning view of the ocean. With healthy shrubs to keep lurkers from looking, this patio is quaint, peaceful, and ideal for anyone – celebrity or not.

Photo Credit: Trending.Report
Photo Credit: Trending.Report

Formal Sitting Room

Taylor might be young, but she has classy style. In her formal sitting room, she pairs lush red velvet with fresh floral sprays. The ambience makes the room feel rich, yet cozy.

Photo Credit: Trending.Report
Photo Credit: Trending.Report

Dining Room

The dining room is equally as exquisite. The room is filled with a long table and comfortable chairs. The chandelier offers rich lighting to display the beautiful fresh foliage around the windows.

Photo Credit: Trending.Report
Photo Credit: Trending.Report


Each bedroom in Taylors home is equipped with a couch and a large bed. This gives guests (and Taylor herself) a place to sit, relax and unwind. They are not overcrowded. Instead, she enjoys the simplistic comfort of modern, traditional décor.

Photo Credit: Trending.Report
Photo Credit: Trending.Report

A Place to Unwind

Taylor and her guests can unwind in her cozy, colorful living room. This room is filled with a sofa and chairs that overlook the ocean. The tall windows offer a view of the water from all angles.

Photo Credit: Trending.Report
Photo Credit: Trending.Report

What’s your favorite part about Taylor Swift’s beach house?

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