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Classen Laminate Flooring vs Pergo Laminate Flooring

Chances are you’re visiting to find a laminate flooring that will fulfill the needs of your home, as well as your pocketbook. Two of the most recognizable names in the laminate flooring market today are Classen and Pergo. Both of these laminate flooring companies are proud of the fact that they are environmentally friendly and have been in the business for more than 30 years. But now the age-old debate: Classen laminate flooring vs Pergo laminate flooring!

Classen Laminate Flooring

Classen laminate prides itself on being mega simple, mega quick, and mega strong! Classen laminate flooring installation is easy with the Megaloc glue free installation system – a one of a kind. Classen laminate flooring also offers a large selection of elegant finishes, as well as current trendy surfaces. For the avid DIYer, Classen laminate flooring will work with you, and not against you. In the US market you can find Classen products under Inhaus brand.

Classen laminate flooring also offers a patented product known as the ISOWAXX system. This unique system seals the joints upon installation. This is a major advancement in the world of laminate flooring. Moisture can become an issue with laminate flooring, but not when Classen laminate flooring is installed. This unique ISOWAXX system will keep the moisture out of your floor! Along with the ISOWAXX system, a clean care system with Microban also offers protection against some forms of bacteria.

Check out how Megaloc System works:

Pergo Laminate Flooring

Pergo laminate flooring is probably one of the most recognizable names in the world of laminate flooring. From oak, to cherry, barn wood, and onto hickory wood species, Pergo offers many unique wood looks and finishes in laminate flooring. You will find a wood-looking laminate plank that will complement the wood trim in your home. Pergo is also USA made, do you can feel confident knowing it’s manufactured with quality and high standards in mind.

Superb durability is accomplished by innovative LusterGard that assures scuff, scratch and dent protection. When it comes to installing Pergo floor, the installation process is a simple one. The planks simply click into place with the Dual Locking installation system. These floors are perfect for DIY installations, which will save you on cost and labor!

See one of our reviews of Pergo flooring:

The Verdict

Well, the question remains. Which laminate flooring should you install, Classen or Pergo? Both of these products are excellent when it comes to laminate flooring. They both offer outstanding scratch and stain resistance, with warranties for many years.

When it comes to Classen or Pergo, the choice is clearly yours, the consumer. Both will provide years of enjoyment in your home or business. With a little bit of tender care, your laminate flooring will look new for a long time. Remember, do not use abrasive cleaners on your laminate flooring, as a film will develop and dull your floor. When it comes to cleaning your laminate floor, use the flooring cleaner that the laminate flooring company recommends, or a simple solution of one cup white vinegar to one gallon of warm water.

Which is your favorite flooring brand? Why? Share it with us in the comments below!

Learn More About Your Favorite Brands:

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  1. Classen laminate is very poor quality! It is easy to scratch, it bulges on edges even from small drops of water only after 2 months of usage! AVOID Classen if you can. I really regret I bought it. Their warranty is useless, they didn’t accept obvious defects and just ignoring me after all my complaints and follow ups with them

    • Alana Kane

      Hi Sergey, we’re sorry to hear about your experience with the Classen brand laminate. Our Classen products are some of our best sellers, and highly recommended with our customers. Did you purchase your flooring from Bestlaminate? If so, please send us an email at and we’ll be happy to take a look at your case and help submit any claims that may apply.

  2. How may I Obtain samples of Classen product(Nautic) to be sent to my home address in Scotland.Also is there a telephone number I could use to speak to someone(in the UK)should I Require some technical information?

    • Hi Larraine, thank you for your question. We only ship to US and I am unsure of any flooring dealers in the UK, my advice would be to Google a few in your area and see what comes up and maybe that dealer would have some specific information he would be able to give to you. Sorry for the inconvenience.- Brittany

  3. HI
    Wonder which pergo or classen laminate flooring is better and stronger and also better locking system including moisture prevention.

    • Traci, all of the Pergo and Classen laminate floors that we offer are rated for at least heavy residential use. If you have any questions about a particular floor give us a call 800-520-0961 or email us back and we can help to answer your questions/concerns.

  4. John Mc Dougall

    Where can i purchase classen in Scotland U.K

    • John, the best way to find a Classen distributer in Scotland would be to call Classen customer service. They will be able to help answer all of your questions that you may have. Thanks.

  5. Can laminate go over radiant floors?

    • Yes, laminate flooring is approved to be installed over radiant floors. There is few things you should know:
      Radiant heating must be operating for a minimum of three weeks prior to the installation of laminate flooring.

      Heating system should be turned off at the time of installation or if in winter should be set at exactly 65 degrees Fahrenheit for a minimum of 48 hours prior the installation.

      After floor installation the operating temperature can be increased by a maximum of 5 degrees Fahrenheit in a 24-hour period.

      Maximum allowable surface temperature for laminate floors is 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
      More installation tips:

  6. Laminate flooring prices

    Laminate flooring can be used to replace engineered flooring?

    • Yes, laminate flooring can be installed on almost any subfloor. You can install it over existing wood or you can remove your existing engineered flooring, clean your subfloor, do repairs (if your subfllor is in not perfect condition), install proper underlayment and finally install laminate flooring right on it. We have several articles how to install laminate flooring in our blog- use them as a guide.

  7. where can i purchase Classen in thailand ?

    • I am not sure if Classen has distribution in Thailand. Best way to check it will be to google “classen”, or check on local ebay.

  8. Where can i purchase Classen in the US?

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