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What Color Floors Should I Use With a Nautical Decorating Theme?

Dear Bob and Betsy,
I’m going with a nautical decorating theme in one of my rooms but the floors are tricky. What color flooring should I choose?
– Brian B.

Dear Brian,

We love the look of nautical décor! There’s something fresh and crisp about the style. When added to your home, you’re sure to bring in that same feeling of fresh air and sea breeze.

The flooring is a little bit tricky. Traditionally, nautical decorating themes center on navy and white color schemes. Sometimes, a sea foam green or red are incorporated too. Because these colors are so versatile, it’s hard to know which one should be paired with which flooring.

There are a few ways you can approach your decorating style.

Light Floors

If you chose a nautical theme in your house because you liked the beach feel, you might want to stick with lighter floors. Whitewashed flooring or light grey flooring can give you the look you’re after.

If you’re laying your floors in a low traffic area, you might want to use bright white flooring instead. This is ideal if your nautical décor is getting added to a bathroom or laundry room because they’re not as likely to dirty as quickly.

Dark Floors

Dark flooring is another option with nautical décor. Think about the color of driftwood or sandalwood. You can incorporate the dark wood theme into your room by adding lighter nautical elements throughout the space. If your décor is already light in color, such as white curtains and light colored furniture, then having a dark floor can add just the right amount of contrast to your room.

Ultimately the look is up to you. We suggest getting a free sample of your two favorite flooring style and then comparing them to the lighting, furniture in your space, and overall aesthetic of the room. When you’re done, send your pictures our way! We love seeing how Best Laminate customers decorate their homes.

Nautical Decor Infographic

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