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5 Colorfully Simple Decor Tips Straight from Amsterdam

Take a boat ride down any of Amsterdam’s many canals and you’ll see colorful houses, bicycles lining the street, and the simple styles used in this Renaissance city. From the bridges to the historical houses, Amsterdam’s decorating style is unlike any other.

When you think of Dutch style, colorful houses along the water come to mind. Inside those houses are often elements of the Dutch history and culture. Here are a few simple decor tips from Amsterdam that can liven up your space.

Get Flowers

Tulips to be exact. The Dutch are known for their stunning tulips. From wooden tulips on every street corner to the fresh tulips sure to be found on nearly every dining room table, you’ll always see this fresh beauty used in the décor.

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Windmills are a staple on the hills outside of Amsterdam. Their design is unique and easily identified. When looking for fun objects to fill your shelves, look for windmills. There are many ways you can incorporate this unusual decorating style in your home while still maintaining a chic, Amsterdam vibe.

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Clean Lines 

Much like the Danish design, the Dutch use clean lines in their homes. From their style of furniture to their light fixtures, the modern clean look is a hit.

There are plenty of places where you can incorporate clean lines in your home:

  • Chairs
  • Barstools
  • Vases
  • Dressers
  • Area rug designs

The list goes on. Find unique, modern design to bring this sophisticated style into your house.

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Don’t Forget the Comfort

It gets cold in Amsterdam. On the cool winter nights, the Dutch like to huddle up in warm blankets. Adding a throw to your sofa will instantly soften up your room make it more inviting. 

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Rembrandt and Van Gogh Style Artwork 

When you think of Dutch artists the two that come to mind are Rembrandt and Vincent Van Gogh.

The famous late artist Rembrandt has his artwork displayed in several museums across the city, such as the Rijksmuseum and the Rembrandt House Museum. It’s a style that fits in well in living rooms rich with leather and traditional style.

Van Gogh’s artwork is also displayed at his very own Van Gogh Museum. This is a more lighthearted style of artwork, fitting in well in offices, bedrooms, or kitchens.

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