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  1. Hey Carl, thanks for reaching out. If you are having trouble finding it there generally two suggestions we would make.

    1) Remove from a closet or under any furniture that you will not be moving.
    2) Redo a smaller room in a similar product and use that to replace what you need to.

    I hope this helps!

  2. I have a pergo floor from 15 years ago. Westport oak. Love the floor, it’s 2500 sq feet. Recently had some water damage to about 100 sq feet. Just want to replace the damaged area. Can’t find anything close. Any suggestions? Don’t want to replace the whole floor if I don’t have to.

  3. Hey Mairya, thanks for contacting us! Unfortunately the only Shaw materials we have access to are their Coretec vinyl flooring. I apologize for the inconvenience.

  4. I am trying to find Shaw appalachian hickory 5 in prefinished hickory engineered hardwood floorung , one , two boxes to replace some area after the scratch .
    Can you HELP please?

  5. Hi Robert, unfortunately we do not carry this flooring. If its discontinued, we recommend checking eBay, Craigslist, or Angie’s List for remnants of this floor. You can also mail a piece of the flooring you have to our sample department, and we will be happy to provide you with samples of our most similar flooring options. Thank you!

  6. I am looking to purchase 11 boxes of Alloc Domestic Rustic Cherry. I have this flooring in my home, and want to remove carpet from one bedroom and replace with this flooring.

  7. Hi Steve, thanks for reaching out. Kronospan is the world’s leading manufacturer of wood-based panels and Krono Original is one of their brands that we carry. Kronoswiss is a different brand that we also carry, but it is not manufactured by Kronospan. Please give us a call if you have any other questions!

  8. We were loaned a beautiful wood-look laminate flooring sample by one of our local dealers. It’s made by a company called Kronospan and is the “Summit” style from their “Inspirations” line. We’ve Googled it from here to eternity and couldn’t find a single reference or shred of information about it. Could it possibly be from the manufacturer called Kronoswiss, whose products you carry? Please share with us anything you might know, because we’re anxious to know more and won’t be able to contact anyone from the local store until after Labor Day.

  9. Hi Kevin, thank you for reaching out. You can go ahead and install LVT flooring with pre-attached underlayment directly on a cement subfloor. We recommend using Visqueen moisture barrier underlayment only if the pre-attached underlayment is cork, to prevent moisture damage and mold/mildew beneath your floor. You can learn more about Visqueen here:

  10. Hi team!
    I am planning on removing the ceramic tile from my kitchen floor, and replacing it with LifeProof LVT from Home Depot that has a pre-attached underlayment. My house is on a concrete slab, no basement. The reason I am removing the tiles is that over several years, most of them have come loose. I have been told it could have been because the builder put a sealant on the concrete slab to cure faster, but then never ground it out. Had the company that installed the tile out also, and after removing one of the tiles that was loose, put a moisture gizmo on it that registered a 15, and they said it should be 4 or lower. Whatever the cause, all of the tiles need to go. My question is, can I put a moisture barrier down first before installing the LifeProof LVT with the attached underlayment? If so, is there a specific one I should use? Really need your help with this, as I have gotten conflicting opinions about it. Thanks!!

  11. Hi Stephanie, thanks for your question! If you’re installing radiant heat, you will still need an underlayment beneath your laminate. Just make sure you choose one that can withstand the radiant heat. Most do, but it’s never a bad idea to check the manufacturer specifications. Let us know if you have any other questions!

  12. I am having laminate floors installed in my bedroom. I wanted to install underlayment heating underneath. Do I need to eliminate the underlayment padding if I do the heat instead or should I do both?

  13. Hi Donna, great question! As far as a vinyl floor goes, these are typically not sound rated. It will be the underlayment with these ratings. Is there a reason the Floor Muffler underlayment was not approved? This will probably be your best option, but you can find other LVT underlayments with the stated sound ratings. If you go with a laminate, you will still need an underlayment to be approved for the sound ratings stated. I would reach out to your condo board and see what options are approved.

  14. Good morning,
    I would like to install vinyl plank floors in my Florida Condo. Condominium architectural guidelines state IIC 71 STC 72 for minimum impact and sound.
    The city approved Floor Muffler Ultra LVT but it was not approved by the condo board.
    With the stated guidelines, is it possible to install vinyl in this building?
    Thank you for your time.

  15. Hi Terry, thanks for your question. You could use an LVT underlayment or a vinyl with underlayment already attached, which will give you some cushion and thermal protection. Here are some underlayment options:, & You can shop our vinyls here:

  16. Hi Charlotte, thanks for reaching out. Your best bet is checking the Pergo Outlet: Other than that, any type of personal selling site may have some boxes available.

  17. Hi
    I have a concrete floor in a shop building. We live in a dry setting. I am building a bathroom and I think I’d like to use vinyl plank flooring but I’d like to avoid the cold and hardness of concrete beyond what a thin piece of vinyl provides. What do you recommend that I might put on top of the concrete before I install the vinyl planks? I’m not planning to heat the floor.

  18. Charlotte Doherty

    Hi! I’m trying to track down discontinued Pergo Max shabby teak #773320. Can you help?

  19. Hi Lloyd, thanks for reaching out. We do not sell Dupont brand flooring, so unfortunately we don’t have any inside info for you!

  20. we’re looking for some dupont real touch elite red oak laminate flooring (sku 321-819) to finish an adjoining room. about 250 sqft. might you have a lead on some?

  21. Hi Paul, thanks for the question! Separation of the joints can happen in any floating floor installation, but with a COREtec, there is a very low chance of expansion and contraction. This whole floor is waterproof, so separation of the joints will be minimal, as it does not absorb moisture in the air like a laminate would. Gluing the joints could void your warranty. We would recommend installing as the manufacturer directions state. I hope this helps! Let us know if you have any other questions.

  22. Hi,
    Does it make sense to glue every joint on a free floating floor as a preventative measure? Have heard that no matter how well a vinyl floor is installed over time separation of the joints is inevitable. I am installing approximately 320 sf of COREtec Plus XL angle tap, 9-in wide planks w/vapor barrier over an on grade concrete floor.
    Thanks for your assistance.

  23. Hi Mark, please send us an email with your ideas to [email protected]. Thanks!

  24. Hi Debbie – Click Loc is a patented name brand of a tongue and groove installation. They are essentially the same type of installation. We would recommend ordering two samples of both floors so you can try locking the samples together and comparing them for yourself. If you need help ordering any samples, please give us a call at 1-800-520-0961 or use our chat system on our website and one of our floor experts will be happy to assist you!

  25. Hi, I was trying to find out the difference if any between click loc and v groove? looking at two different floor brands. thanks debbie

  26. Hi Louise, sorry to hear about the trouble you’ve been having. It is important to know what type of flooring you have: is it a vinyl or a laminate? For a vinyl, you could try this Armstrong New Beginner Stripper for non-wax floors. We’d recommend trying it in a small area first, and then the rest of your floors: We have not personally used it, but it is a recommended cleaning solution from Armstrong, one of our brand partners. If you have a laminate floor, you could try acetone. Do not try either of these unless you know exactly what type of floor you have! I hope this helps. Let us know if you need any more help.

  27. We just had our home built. The guy put down the beautiful vinyl laminate. Floor everywhere except the bedrooms. Unfortunately the builders handymen were still working on the house. I live in an area where the dirt is actually clay. We did. Not move into the house for nearly 7 weeks. These people walked all over the floor tracking muddy clay through out the house! I called the flooring installer to see what he recommends and he said a swifter is all he suggests. Ok I go buy one. This did not help, I went to both Home Depot and Lowes. Both places recommended Bona. Ok we try it and nothing. My daughter suggested Vinegar Water Baking Soda and a teaspoon of Dawn. Still nothing. Then she gave me he steamer and you guessed it. No help. There is a spot where my male dog decided to lift his leg and ironically it is the only area that
    Looks clean !!! Can you suggest something that might help? I have not been able to enjoy my new home and am depressed all the time. I cannot invite anyone over because of embarrassment!!! The builder just passes the buck to the flooring guy. I am angry hat no one thought to put plastic over he floor so it stayed New!!a. I AM PRAYING YOUCANHELP


  28. Hi Lori – Unfortunately, we do not. We can possibly get you something that looks similar though if you are interested! Feel free to send us an email [email protected] or give us a call at 1-800-520-0961 and we would be happy to help you!

  29. Do you have any Wilsonart Estate Plus Eastern Quarry?

  30. Hi Don – Sorry to hear about the problems you are having with your laminate! Hopefully I have some information that will help you get to the bottom of what happened with your flooring.

    It is very possible that your concrete subfloor was uneven when the flooring was installed. However, the person who installed your floor should have checked to make sure that your subfloor was even and clean before installing the flooring. On our Help Pages, we have a helpful guide for Laminate Flooring Installation Over a Concrete Subfloor—Requirements and Preparation that you and your general contractor may want to take a look at before moving forward with fixing your problem area. If you find that the subfloor is not even, the concrete subfloor can be leveled off and flooring reinstalled on top of it. However, new concrete needs to cure for 60 days before any flooring can be installed on top of it.

    It is also possible that your installer did not leave the proper expansion gap around the door jamb and walls and this is what is causing your floor to buckle. You can use this guide “How To Repair Damaged Laminate” from our Help Pages to assess what is the best way to repair the buckled flooring. I have not seen how your floor looks, so I cannot say if your entire floor needs to be uninstalled or not, but you should just be able to uninstall up to the buckled laminate, replace the planks with new planks, and reinstall the good planks of laminate.

    Here are some additional questions to ask your installer or general contractor as these issues below could have contributed to your laminate flooring buckling:

    1. How new was the concrete slab before you installed the floor over top of it? As a rule, new concrete must cure for 60 days before you can install laminate, vinyl or hardwood flooring on top because it holds onto its moisture for so long. You want as much moisture to evaporate from the subfloor as possible before installing your laminate flooring.

    2. Was a vapor barrier, or an underlayment with an attached vapor barrier, installed on top of the concrete before the laminate flooring was installed? Vapor barriers, like Visqueen Vapor Block, keep out moisture that can come up through concrete subfloors.

    If there was no vapor barrier installed, the concrete subfloor is uneven, or no expansion gap added at all – you will unfortunately have to uninstall all of your flooring, fix the underlying issue, and reinstall your flooring.

    I hope this helps you! Good luck with fixing your issue and I hope that this information helps you and your general contractor fix your laminate flooring. If you have any more questions, please feel free to reply to this comment or send us an email at [email protected]!

  31. Hi, I had laminate put down over a newer concrete slab in my basement, about 3 months ago. An area about 1.5 ft x 2 ft. is now started popping up. The floor was laid in the spring and we have had a lot of not weather here near Seattle. The pop is located just inside the door to the outside. My general contractor (not the guy who laid the floor) says that the issue could be either that the concrete slab in this area has a bit of a depression, OR that the laminate was laid without allowing for enough expansion. He says that the entire floor will have to be pulled up because of the order in which the boards were laid. My questions are 1) does his explanation for the pop sound correct and if there is a depression, can this be filled in? and 2) is it really necessary to pull up the entire floor when the area in question is right against the side of the room in front of the door? Thanks so much for your help with this.

  32. Hi Jerry, thanks for the question. You are correct that most pattern widths are wider than 2 1/4″. It is possible there are patterns out there with planked designs on them, so it looks like smaller wood planks, even though the width is wider. We don’t have anything exact in our store, but here are two options that you might like:;

  33. I have a early 1900’s Arts and Crafts home. The upper story flooring is 2 1/4″ wide x 1/8″ thick oak plank in natural color which is quite common in that era. I would like to replace the upper floors with vinyl plank flooring that emulates 2 1/4″. My research only shows pattern widths that are 4″ to 6″. Is there vinyl plank flooring available with a pattern that simulates 2 1/4″ width?

  34. Hi Jason! Thanks for reaching out to us. Unfortunately, we do not sell that brand of flooring. I believe it is a specific brand for Home Depot. Best of luck with your search!

  35. Looking for new ellenton hickory laminate flooring from trafficmaster. Do you have any in stock? 130571 i believe is the product number

  36. Hi Deb! Unfortunately, that number usually specifies the printing and lot number, and not necessarily the product number. We’d be happy to help you find a close match! If you want to send in a photo of your floors to [email protected], we can see if we have a floor that is similar. Thanks!

  37. I have a Pergo floor installed in the house prior to moving in. I need some replacement planks. The bottom of them have the number “01039 3 11” stamped on them. Is there any way this number can help me replace the product?

  38. Hi Tavey, thanks for reaching out to us. Unfortunately, that is not a brand we carry. We could try to help you find a close match, though! If you are looking for that particular floor, you may want to try Craigslist or Ebay for anyone selling spare boxes. If you want to explore color matching, feel free to send us an email at [email protected] and we can see what we have in stock!

  39. i am trying to find Timberland 8mm series laminate. I don’t have the box – but i have a sheet that shows each box had 22.94 SF — 54.33″ x 7.6″

    There is a number on the back of the plank 103108 KUSA 12:08 2 D2762.

    Can you HELP please.

    Thank you!

  40. Hi David, thanks for your question! This has probably occurred due to expansion and contraction that happens with your floors. You may need to remove the molding and give the edges a tap to force the plank back into the locking system. Once you do that, just put the moldings back on. This should fix the issue! Let us know if you have any additional questions.


  42. Hi Eduardo, thanks for the question. If you are installing directly over the vinyl, you will need a foam underlayment. If you are looking for help in the thermal department, Kronoswiss Provent or Floor Muffler would be good choices. Second, you should not install the laminate ontop of insulation boards – the only subfloors approved are OSB, Plywood, Concrete or previous flooring that meets the standards. You will need to install the insulation panels and then a plywood or OSB subfloor that meets the standards of your manufacturer. After the plywood, you would only need a standard foam underlayment, but the two mentioned above can help with the thermal properties. Feel free to call 800-520-0961 if you need any more help with this project! Our flooring experts are here to help.

  43. Hi, I need to insulate my basement floor because it is too cold in the winter. I live in a rambler, so the basement is below grade only on one side. I am planning to put Polyisocyanurate Rigid Foam Insulation Boards. My floor is currently with well laid, flat, very old, probably glued vinyl tile.

    I need advice on (1) whether I need moisture barrier over the vinyl tile and if so what kind; (2) whether I can install the laminate directly on top of the insulation boards; (3) if not, whether I need to install either a plywood subfloor over the insulation, an under layment or both before installing the laminate.

    Thank you very much for your help.

  44. Hi Natalya, thanks for your question! The first thing before you install your floors is to make sure the subfloor has no gaps, is level and thick enough (at least 3/4″ OSB) for a flooring installation. Once your subfloor is in good shape, the 3-in-1 moisture barrier will be all you need as far as underlayment. Good luck on your install!

  45. Hi,
    We plan to install Hardwood Engineered Floor (all wood, 5/8″). The house is old, and subfloor is 2×6 with spaces about 1/4″ between boards. It is 1st floor over crawl space. My question is do I need to install an additional moisture barrier if I plan to install 3-in-1 underpayment?
    I appreciate very much your help.
    Thank you,

  46. Hi Robin! Thanks for your question. We would not recommend that you do this. You have a major risk for mold and mildew if you are to re-wet the laminate planks. Also, you will need to check your subfloor and underlayment for any moisture damage. In this case, we would recommend un-installing the area that was affected and re-install new planks after your subfloor and underlayment are inspected. Hope this helps!

  47. Recently our washer over flowed and of course seeped into a few of the laminated floor planks. What would happen if i rewet the planks, set a heavy object on the planks ,where the buckles are at, until dry? Thanks for your help!

  48. Hi Erica! Yes, we allow guest contributors. You can send your article and any additional information about your work directly to me: [email protected]. Thanks for your interest! I look forward to reading your piece. – Alana

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