Decor for Your Baby's Nursery
Decor for Your Baby's Nursery

Creating Cute Home Decor for Your Baby’s Nursery

Congratulations! Your little bundle of joy is due to arrive in only a few months and now it’s time for you to create the perfect space to welcome your baby home.

Perhaps no better room is well suited for cute home decor than your baby’s nursery. This is the spot in the house where all the oohs, aahs, snuggles, and giggles will happen. It’s also the place where you’ll be spending a significant amount of time bonding with your newest addition, so having it look amazing is essential.

Babies are expensive but their décor doesn’t have to be. Here are a few DIY tips for how you can create your own cute home décor without breaking the budget.

Consider the Flooring

The floors in your nursery will be used more than you might realize. Your baby will be crawling, napping, and enjoying some tummy time on your floor while you fold clothes or clean up after a blow out.

Make your room easy to clean and comfortable for your baby with laminate flooring. The color of your furniture and the rest of your décor will depend on what type of laminate you choose. Dark laminate flooring is perfect for nurseries filled with whites and pastels. If you have a more colorful nursery, you might want to opt for a light oak instead.

Installing laminate flooring is as easy as putting together a puzzle. Get your family involved to add new flooring to your room quickly and on budget.

Use Letters to Personalize the Room

Adding your baby’s name to the nursery is a fun way to introduce him or her to the world. Better yet, it’s easy!

One way to effectively incorporate this in your baby’s nursery is to get foam letter cutouts, canvas, and the paint color of your choice. Paint four different canvases with fun patterns, such as stripes, chevron, or polka dots. Then, on one of the canvases, put your baby’s name in small letters. You can also add a single large initial on another canvas.

Another way to add your baby’s name is by buying a large wooden letter with their first initial. Then, paint the large wooden letter and glue smaller letters that spell out his or her name.

Either way, your nursery will look personal and fun.

Keep it Soft

No matter how you decide to decorate the walls and floors, you want to keep a soft feeling to the room.

Hang curtains on the closet instead of doors. Use throw pillows to add color and comfort to your nursery. Incorporate soft touches wherever possible so that your nursery is baby-friendly and decked out with colorful accents.

What’s the favorite thing you’ve made for your baby’s first room?

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