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Creating A Dream Room With White Flooring

Turning a dream into reality is one of the most exciting parts when conducting a home renovation. You get an idea in your mind, which bounces off another idea, and soon your creativity is exploding. You may start with a color you can’t get enough of or maybe you’re inspired by an antique furniture piece you found at a garage sale.  Inspiration comes in all sorts and is easily found when looked for the right way. You start with one small change that develops into a bigger change and soon you have your own little masterpiece directly in front you. You finally sit down, take a deep breath in, and view your project- the satisfying reminder of that little thought inside your head; the little thought that took dedication, creativity, and many steps.  You no longer just have a vision, you have a completed idea that says “This is my creation and I love it.”

Copy of  Karen Roberts  (2)

Karen Roberts, talented photographer and artist from Georgia, envisioned her perfect studio room and brought it to life by using white laminate flooring. Karen dreamed of having a beautiful white room to do her photo shoots in. Her  ideal room would be completely white – white flooring, white walls, a white couch, and a crystal chandelier.  “I just kept dreaming – I would go to sleep at night thinking about that room. I wanted it to be an all white palace.” She had the perfect room in her mind but needed to take the steps to achieve it.

Sometimes finding the steps to compose your idea can be the hardest part. We suggest using your resources as inspiration. If you are stuck on that certain color, like Karen was stuck on white, find inspiration through that color. View other rooms – view artwork, view furniture, the possibilities are endless. We asked Karen what her advice is for designing a room:

“I’m such a visual person – I go on Pinterest and type in something.  I thought..It would be beautiful to have an all white room so I went to Pinterest and typed that in. There is amazing stuff and inspiration just from seeing someone else’s space. See what it is you do like about the spaces you find, is it the color? Or the set up? You can compile different ideas and put it all together to make it what you want it to be.”

Copy of Karen Roberts

Once Karen got some inspiration in her mind she had to do some searching. She decided she wanted flooring and the shag carpet in the room wouldn’t be suitable. “I thought.. I wanna do flooring and took out the shag carpet.  Then I thought, it would be cool if I could find white laminate! I went into my usual flooring store but they didn’t have any white laminate.

So I just googled “white flooring.” BestLaminate came up and I saw the flooring and thought Oh my God! That’s perfect.  It has the contrast and texture in it.” The white flooring she stumbled upon is Inhaus Urban Loft Whitewashed Oak 26353 – a shabby-chic flooring that gives an incredible unique look.

She wanted the room to be “Pinterest worthy” and have a really cool and modern touch to it. The white flooring would make perfect for her photo shoots as the light not only bounces off the ceiling but off of the flooring as well. “White on white is just gorgeous – choosing this flooring was easy.”

After Karen found her perfect flooring it was time for furniture. She originally planned to decorate with an all crystal chandelier. She changed her mind when she fell in love with an all white corral chandelier. She went back to Pinterest to find more inspiration and found a clothing rack idea. She placed a vintage styled clothing rack with baby and children’s clothing on it for a simple and elegant touch to top off the room. The added furniture piece would not only be handy and accessible but make for a great prop in photos as well.

Karen Roberts - white washed oak
White Flooring – Inhaus Urban Loft Whitewashed Oak 26353

After all decorating was done and Karen’s dream room was complete, she finally got to put it to test. She started with some maternity photo shoots. The white room played as a beautiful white backdrop and really made the colors in Karen’s photography pop. “It’s like a wall of light behind them.

It’s angelic – I just love this space. I couldn’t be happier with it.” Since installment Karen has photographed many different shoots on her white flooring and is always coming up with a creative idea and design. She is using her stunning room to better her artistic work and really show her unique and innovative style. Her white room creation is a reflection of the inspiring artist she is.

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