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Danish Design Secrets for a Cozy, Modern Look

When you think of modern décor, chances are “cozy” isn’t what comes to mind. Most people think of minimalistic, clean lines, and stark white. But take one look at the typical loft in Copenhagen, Denmark, one of the design meccas of the world, and you’ll see that comfort is a high priority when creating a modern look.

The Entryway

Nordic Entryway from Vanilla Cream Interior
Nordic Entryway from Vanilla Cream Interior

Before you enter a home in Denmark, it’s customary to take off your shoes. The climate in this country is cold and wet. Not only do homeowners want to spare their contemporary designed floors from getting trashed over time, but they want their visitors to feel cozy and warm, out of their heavy wet boots.

There is almost always a spot to hang your jacket and hat. As you peel away the layers, you instantly breathe in the warm, welcoming air and feel at ease. Cozy.

The Living Room 

Bang & Olufsen Room Scene
Bang & Olufsen Room Scene

Bang & Olufsen is one of the top electronics manufacturers in Denmark. Many homes are adorned with television sets and telephones from this company (or from a company that mimics their design). It’s chic, it has clean lines, and it doesn’t steal from the focus of the space.

In Danish homes, it’s all about “hygge.” This is a non-translatable word that describes the feeling of togetherness. The closest meaning is “cozy.”

Danes design their living rooms and their homes to inspire this feeling. The simplistic Bang & Olufsen electronics blend into the décor, putting the focus on the company and conversation. Candles are burned to create a warm glow to the room. It’s comfortable, easy, and serene without complexity.

The Kitchen 

Nordic Kitchen Design by Christine Tuttle Interior Design
Nordic Kitchen Design by Christine Tuttle Interior Design

The kitchens are small, yet comfortable. Danes don’t require a lot of space. Instead, they use their décor to maximize the space they have. From modern stoves to simplistic, chic lampshades, kitchens are built with purpose and clean design. They feel warm and inviting, while maximizing efficiency.

The tables in kitchens are small too. Often, chairs are designed to elegantly fit under the table without blocking the space. You can relax here, even though it’s small, because everything is designed to take up less space, leaving more room for the people.

The Bedrooms

Nordic Bedroom by BRANDI Living
Nordic Bedroom by BRANDI Living

Traditional Danish lofts don’t come with built in closet space. Instead, Danes buy wardrobes to store and hang clothing. These wardrobes are built for spaces of all sizes making it possible for a Dane to minimize how much space they fill in their bedroom too.

Beds are the same. Headboards aren’t extravagant. Comforter sets are fluffy but not over-the-top. There aren’t layers of pillows to pull off and scatter around the room each night before bed. It’s a place to lay your head and although that looks simplistic in design, it’s comforting.

Rustic Bedroom by San Francisco Architects & Building Designers sagemodern

Have you ever visited a Danish loft? What struck you about the cozy modern look used in these homes?

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