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Decorator Review: Designer Home Décor Ideas from Albert Hadley

Lets get inspired with some designer home decor. Do a quick search online and you’ll see how respected the late decorator, Albert Hadley was in the field of interior design. People all across the country turn to his rooms for inspiration when searching for designer home décor. His secret had nothing to do with the colors of paint on the walls or the furniture in the room. Instead, Albert Hadley designed from the ground up.

In an interview with Architectural Digest provided just before his passing, Albert Hadley said that he started with a hammer and saw. Using his tools, he formed the perfect room by incorporating new lines and a floor plan to attract. Only then did he start designing.

Albert Hadley’s secret was in the comfortable, yet unexpected touches he provided in each room he decorated. Here are a few tips from the rooms Albert Hadley designed.

  • Mix fresh and vintage. Whether in a sitting area or in a bedroom, Albert Hadley had a flair for mixing vintage patterns and fabrics with fresh floral arrangements and natural elements. He wasn’t afraid of incorporating older pieces into his designs – a trend we’ve started to see come to the forefront more and more. Instead, he liked pieces with a past and brought out their personality by adding touches of natural beauty to the room.
Albert Hadley Room - The Glam Pad
Albert Hadley Room – The Glam Pad
  • Simple is chic. Small spaces shouldn’t be cluttered with furniture and décor. Instead, Albert Hadley took a minimalist approach to smaller rooms or apartments. He’d paint the walls a neutral color and then add simple pieces to bring the room to life. Small pieces of flair, such as through lampshades or wall décor speckled about the room give it the designer touch to bring it to life.
Simple Space - HouseBeautiful
Simple Foyer – HouseBeautiful
  • Make rooms useable. Function before beauty is a focal point of Albert Hadley’s designs. He wanted rooms to be welcoming and a place where people could accomplish something. For example, Hadley worked with a designer to turn a room in a New York apartment into a library filled with vintage touches and plenty of sitting room to read.
Pagoda-style bookcase beside a black chair with a red seat
Pagoda-style bookcase beside a black chair with a red seat – Lonny
  • Patterns are perfect. Pattern touches bring rooms to life while adding a cozy feel. This unique method of bringing a room together and making a statement is becoming increasingly popular – especially in smaller spaces. With a pattern that accentuates the room without overpowering it, homeowners can create a distinct look.
A Romantic Bedroom from Clarence House - HouseBeautiful
A Romantic Bedroom from Clarence House – HouseBeautiful
  • Add big artwork. Big pieces of artwork with strong imagery, color and design were another type of flair-filled piece Albert Hadley incorporated into many of his rooms. With big pictures, Albert Hadley set the tone for the room and made his designs come to life.
Big Art - Trail of Inspiration
Big Art – Trail of Inspiration

According to Hadley, decoration is about creating quality. It isn’t about following a trend or keeping up with the decorating Jones’s. Use his tips to find your unique style and add your own flair to your space. Then, let us know in the comments what type of flair is your favorite and what you added based on Albert Hadley’s inspiration.

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