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modern homes
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Decorator Review: Donna Grace McAlear Designs Modern Homes

When you think of modern homes, what comes to mind? Minimalistic décor? Black, grey and white color schemes? Pops of bright colors? Unique fixtures?

Modern homes are just that – they’re modern. The design is new, the décor is futuristic, but the comfort level is spot on. Perhaps no one knows that better than Donna Grace McAlear from New Mood Designs.

New Mood Designs has a tag line of, “there is an art to living well.” This company knows that the space where you live should feel like a piece of art. In fact, McAlear started her career as a museum curator. She has since transitioned into the world of design consultancy where she uses her fine art influences to inspire her work.

If you want your home to look like a modern oasis with a touch of fine art, here are a few tips from McAlear that you can use in your designs.

Don’t be afraid to bring the outdoors in

McAlear helped design a penthouse in Breckinridge, which was featured in Denver Life . The owner requested that the builder maintain the view of the area. McAlear took that a step further and brought that view indoors.

To do that, McAlear used the same exterior stone on walls within the house. She also added leather barstools for party seating that would not obstruct the view.

Bringing the outdoors inside creates a cozy warmth to your home. With wood laminate flooring, stone backsplashes and accents, and earth tone colors you can create a modern home with a natural feel.

modern homes

Incorporate Punches of Color in Your Design

In the same home McAlear designed in Breckinridge, she was able to add a modern touch without stealing from the natural décor by adding punches of color.

In the living room, McAlear used bright, warm yellow hues to bring out the brightness in the décor while still maintaining a natural look. Choose a bright color or two as a way to add personality and dimension to your space. This will bring your home to life with a touch of refinement.

modern homes

Use furniture that mimics artwork

In modern homes, function meets beauty. The furniture McAlear uses in her homes bring out her background as an art curator. Each piece could stand alone as a work of art.

Maintain your sense of style by incorporating unique, yet comfortable pieces of furniture into your rooms. Doing so will add extra personality and a modern touch without stealing away from the functionality of your space.

modern homes

To see more of McAlear’s designs and find inspiration, visit her portfolio.

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