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Decorator Review: Ideas for Interior Fashion from Erica Cook

When it comes to family and career, perhaps no one is as balanced as the interior fashion designer queen, Erica Cook. As a well-known designer and a mother to five boys, Erica’s mantra is balance. This mantra carries over into her design work where she creates what she calls, “happy heart homes.”

Her company is called Moth Design. The name stands for Making Others Truly Happy. This philosophy is seen throughout her decorating schemes and designs. She believes that the space surrounding a person is a true reflection of who someone is. When designing a space for a client, she digs deep to discover their signature style and incorporate personal items to make each space unique.

Erica Cook’s Core Interior Decorating Philosophy

When it comes to creating a balance between fun and sophistication, Erica offers homeowners three core tips.

Choose décor that can be cleaned. From your couch cushions and throw pillows to your flooring, choose the type of decorations that can be cleaned, no matter how messy your family gets. For example, opt for leather or cotton fabrics on your chairs. These are easy to clean in a pinch.

Interior Fashion
Moth Design – Pinterest

Frame your memories. Meaningful images and items should be framed and hung on the wall. Family recipe’s, plane tickets from your honeymoon, or any other mementos make great decorating pieces while adding personality to your home.

Interior Fashion
Moth Design- Pinterest

Love your surroundings. Don’t sacrifice displaying items you love when you have kids. Instead, teach your children not to touch certain pieces. It’ll instill a sense of appreciation in your children for their home and environment. This same level of respect will also carry over when visiting other people’s homes.

Interior Fashion
Moth Design – Pinterest

Erica Cook has developed quite a bit of street credibility through her experience. Although her blog is relatively new, she created a strong name for herself in other ways. She worked as a designer for Sarah Richardson Design, and on HGTV’s hit show Design Inc.

In an interview for The Curated House, Erica said that her plan is to continue finding ways to express herself. She’s tried jewelry in the past and wants to learn how to paint again. Her style and artistry expand way beyond interior design work.

We’re eager to see what Erica comes up with next. Follow her on Facebook and Pinterest for more home decorating ideas.

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