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Decorator Review: Inspiration from Interior Designer Brad Ford

Ask interior designer Brad Ford what his design style is and he will probably say, “Authentic Design.” This design is sophisticated in style but practical in use. Although each space is unique, Brad Ford is drawn to natural looks that balance light, space and color. His décor incorporates clean lines and uniquely designed furniture to personalize a space in a way that’s timeless.

With over 10 years of experience as an interior designer, Brad Ford knows a thing or two about how to find the perfect pieces for each space he designs. It’s no wonder that he is one of New York Magazine’s 10 New Designers to Watch.

Want to steal a few ideas from his playbook? Here are some of Brad Ford’s greatest loves that you can use as inspiration for your next room design.

  • Look for the muted colors of Scandinavian pottery. Scandinavian pottery can be used in just about any room with any color scheme. The colors are subtle blues, greens, browns, yellows, and reds that add a hint of color without overpowering a space. In a unique tour of his apartment for Remodelista you can see how Brad Ford uses these in his bedroom as a headboard to along his bed.

interior designer brad fordBrad Ford ID inc.

  • Natural accents will never go out of style. Brad Ford loves incorporating branches, wooden furniture, plants, flowers and other nature-inspired accents into his space. As a native Arkansas resident, Brad Ford brings out his roots in handmade pieces inspired by nature. Whether it’s as simple as a bouquet of flowers on the coffee table or as bold as a uniquely carved wood desk, Brad uses nature in a variety of ways.

interior designer brad fordBrad Ford ID Inc.

  • Create the perfect glow with candles. Florescent lighting is too harsh for any room. If you want to create a cozy, welcoming setting, try candlelight. With so much variety between large and small, candles of any size can be incorporated into every room or space to add a natural flicker. You can even use them outdoors to make your backyard light up with energy.

interior designer brad fordBrad Ford ID Inc.

Brad Ford’s designs are tastefully unique. They incorporate the level of elegance and class with modern design. His style is brought to life through new color schemes textures, shapes, and sizes.

Follow Brad Ford on Pinterest, or learn more about him on his website.

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