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Featured Designer: Rachel Reider Interiors

Decorator Review: Rachel Reider is a Home Designer With a Coastal Flair

Summertime and the seashore go hand in hand. Perhaps no one knows that better than Boston-based Rachel Reider – a home designer who focuses on modern costal styles to New England homes. Rachel’s use of bold color and pattern has revitalized historic coastal homes and hotels into spaces that boast a mix of sophistication and informality while maintaining a seaside feel.

If you’re searching for new ways to refresh your home with a coastal flair, here are some tips of Rachel Reider’s to get you started.

Traditional style meets modern coastal décor

In a recent article by Coastal Living, Rachel Reider was dubbed “the tailor.” This name likely came after she customized each space by finding a balance between sophisticated and casual, elegant and cozy, urban and coastal. Rachel blends the two worlds of beach and home together by combining classic wallpaper and traditional furnishings with airy window draperies. Rachel commented how essential it is to differentiate between subtle and literal references to nautical elements. The addition of one or two coastal-inspired elements instantly gives an elegantly decorated room a more casual, beachy feel.

Vintage elements

Rachel uses vintage-inspired items to set the tone for textures, colors, and patterns in a room. Vintage artwork in sepia or black and white provides a focal point for the room while not conflicting with a color theme. Designing with a vintage feel gives the opportunity to incorporate textured furnishings, such as weathered wood tables and chairs, and bold, retro light fixtures.

Pops of color

Color is key in every space, whether it comes in the form of an all-over palette or bold bursts of color. For example, to create a nautical vibe, Rachel uses a traditional navy, turquoise, and white theme throughout the room she’s working on. The emphasis on clean lines and a healthy amount of fresh white in the room prevent this color scheme from overwhelming. In one home, Rachel achieved a more casual atmosphere by employing splashes of color rather than solid tones.

Natural coastal elements

Rachel’s elegant yet casual designs embody the freedom that life on the coast represents by bringing the natural elements indoors. Wood is used in floors and ceilings because, as Rachel referenced, the vaulted wood ceilings are reminiscent of the hull of a ship at sea. She also uses wooden tables and decorative elements, such as trees, an important natural resource in coastal regions. Rachel also brings the outside in through the creative use of blue-green kitchen backsplash. She says it closely mimics the color and motion of the ocean, which creates an illusion of being able to reach out and touch that part of nature.

Beach Style Kitchen by Boston Interior Designers & Decorators Rachel Reider Interiors

The focus of Rachel’s décor is to make the right balance of elegant style and casual coastal vibe. She plays with color, vintage themes, and the natural setting to create an environment that is in her own words, fresh, inviting, and unexpected.

Will you use any of these designs in your home?

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