Top 10 Decorators
Top 10 Decorators

Decorator Review: Top 10 Decorators Highlighted by Bestlaminate

This year, we started exploring the world of interior design and highlighting several top decorators. We pulled people from across the country and offered insight into their approach to interior décor. Through these posts, it has been our hope that you find inspiration for your home or the perfect designer to hire.

Now, as the year comes to a close, we wanted to highlight our top 10 decorators for 2014. Here are the favorites chosen by our team.

  1. Rachel Reider

We chose Rachel Reider for her love of coastal design. Who doesn’t want to bring some of the relaxation from the beach into their home? Check her out for a modern twist on coastal décor.

Top 10 Decorators Top 10 Decorators

  1. Kelly Wearstler

Kelly’s rooms offer so much variety, it’s hard to choose just one to way to classify her work – and that’s why we love her! She has a global style that makes every space she works in a masterpiece of art.

Top 10 Decorators

  1. Albert Hadley

Albert Hadley is perhaps one of the most inspirational interior designers of our time. Top designers still turn to his work for inspiration and guidance, making him a natural fit for our top 10 list.

Top 10 Decorators

  1. Charlotte Moss

Modern décor is in. Minimalism is out. At least that’s the case with Charlotte Moss’s approach. She blends urban life and modern design making her rooms functional and fabulous.

Top 10 Decorators

  1. Brad Ford

Brad Ford is best known for his “authentic design.” His ability to stay true to the client’s personality while still bringing elements of unique sophistication in each of his rooms makes him a designer to admire.

Top 10 Decorators Top 10 Decorators

  1. Emily Henderson

There’s a reason why Emily Henderson won season 5 of HGTV’s Design Star. Her eclectic taste, DIY projects, and versatile décor make her the perfect designer for any homeowner to watch and glean inspiration.Top 10 Decorators

  1. Holly Hollingsworth Phillips

This designer has a long name and an even longer history in interior design. Learning from the people she grew up with, Holly Hollingsworth Phillips now creates unique rooms with worldly design.

Top 10 Decorators

  1. Maria Brito

Do you want to add some colorful flair to your next room? Look to Maria Brito for inspiration. This designer infuses artwork, hues, and patterns that not only personalize a space, but also make a person feel happy and at ease.

Top 10 Decorators Top 10 Decorators

  1. Jeffery Bilhuber

No designer that we’ve featured says all-American class as much as Jeffery Bilhuber. His designs haven’t just been featured in some of the top magazines – they also offer sophistication and class that homeowners can mimic in their home designs.

Top 10 Decorators Top 10 Decorators

10. David Kleinberg

We can’t get enough of David Kleinberg’s “Traditional Now” design. This unique approach to interior décor infuses elements of timeless beauty and modern design. It’s a fun, new way to think of an interior design.

Top 10 Decorators

We’ve listed our top 10, now it’s your turn! Who did you love seeing the most on this year’s featured designers?


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