Del Mar: NEW Design from Feather Lodge Knock-Out Collection!

Feather Lodge Knock Out has a NEW design: Del Mar!

Del Mar really lives up the to collection’s name. It really is a knock-out! This vinyl flooring’s wood grain detail is just outstanding! It’s red and blonde colors really set it apart from other vinyl floors. Del Mar has depth and dimension that can only come from a line like Feather Lodge.

Feather Lodge Knock Out Del Mar
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Now you might be going, “Hey! Where’s the locking system for this floor?” This vinyl just happens to be a glue-down floor, so there is no locking system! “Glue! But what about all the benefits of the locking systems you guys keep telling me about?” Well, some floors just can’t handle floating floors.

What do I mean? For floating floors, floors with locking systems, your subfloor needs to be level. If the subfloor isn’t level, your floating floor could buckle or be uneven itself.

So, if you find that your subfloor isn’t level, then a glue-down vinyl is perfect for you or your commercial space! This flooring is simply laid out, and glued directly to your subfloor. The vinyl is flexible enough that some bumps and dips in the subfloor won’t cause any issues. Del Mar vinyl is also perfect for commercial spaces that have heavy equipment or foot traffic that can put too much pressure on a floating floor.

Other questions about glue-down vinyl floors? Check out this post here to see if glue-down flooring is a better option for you!

Feather Lodge Knock Out Del Mar
Glue-down vinyl is perfect for uneven subfloors!

This floor’s texture is really amazing for a 2mm vinyl floor. The embossed texture is synchronized with the design, so you get a realistic looking wood floor, but with all the benefits of vinyl. Compared to hardwood with this type of texture, vinyl flooring is waterproof, more wear and fade resistant, and is scratch and dent resistant! What’s not to love about vinyl flooring, like Del Mar?

Feather Lodge Knock Out Del Mar
Beautiful Embossed Texture!

Del Mar vinyl plank flooring is a wonderful new addition to the Knock Out line with the same features as the other designs:

  • 10-year residential and 5-year commercial warranty
  • Waterproof
  • 0.15mm Commercial Grade Wear Layer
  • Quiet Under Foot
  • Fiberglass Reinforced
  • 100% Virgin Vinyl
  • Antistatic

This new design not quite to your liking, but you are sold on the benefits of this line of vinyl floor? Check out other floors like it here!

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