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Tim Mclellan Designs
Tim Mclellan Designs

Designer Review: Master Craftsman, Tim McClellan

When you think of a designer, you probably don’t think of a master craftsman. But soon-to-be contestant on HGTV’s “Ellen’s Design Challenge” and founder of Western Heritage Furniture is just that.

Tim McClellan did not aspire to become a designer. Interior decorating wasn’t a passion of his – until recently. One day, he bet his girlfriend that he could design a piece of furniture she had her eye on for much less. After rummaging for timber around his town, he fulfilled his end of the bet.

His girlfriend and her friends were impressed! And, he continued his work. He made several other pieces of furniture out of recycled materials and soon found his hobby turning into a business.

So began a new career.

In 1999, McClellan met someone who would change his life forever – Tim McCune.

Tim McCune was visiting the small hillside town of Jerome, Arizona. While visiting, his car broke down giving him an unexpected longer visit. While there, McCune stumbled upon the furniture shop where McClellan worked. He fell in love with the story and the furniture.

Now, the two work together to turn fallen barns into stunning furniture.

A Designer to Watch

McClellan isn’t your typical designer. That’s why he’s so compelling to us.

He’s a self-taught designer who has made a name for himself through his own creations. He has experience, and as he says in his own words, he can “make something out of nothing.”

If you’d like to incorporate some of the rustic appeal of McClellan’s creations in your home, here are a few tips:

Start With the Top

Tim McClellan http://westernheritagefurniture.com/
Tim McClellan http://westernheritagefurniture.com/

McClellan offers a variety of patterns for tabletops. These patterns range in bold diamondback patterns to elegant planks.

While you’re choosing the right piece of furniture for your room, consider the main statement you want it to make. Do you want something that will spark conversation and intrigue? Or would you rather have something that looks down to earth and rustic.

Pay Attention to Detail

Tim McClellan http://westernheritagefurniture.com/

After McClellan’s custom design customers choose their top design, they move on to choosing important details. The shape and material of the legs and the type of leather that’s used are some of the fundamental options that are needed to give furniture character. But McClellan doesn’t stop there. He also asks his customers to choose nail heads because he knows that the beauty is in the details.

Pay attention to the big pieces of furniture in your room. What details do they have that will draw your room together and make your home unique?

Designing furniture might not have been the job McClellan aspired to have but he sure seems happy now that he’s in it. Will you be watching this season of HGTV’s “Ellen’s Design Challenge” to see more of McClellan and learn more about his design process?

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    I live in DeKalb, IL and this year they tore down the old Wurlitzer piano building. It was originally built in 1905 by a different piano manufacturer and was later purchased by Wurlitzer.

    When they tore the building down, I got several floor joists for the second floor. They are roughly 11 inches by 6 inches. I had to cut them to lengths of roughly 55 inches long. Some of the pieces of wood were over 80 years old when they went into the building in 1905. I believe the wood is Douglas fir.

    I am trying to figure out how to make a desk from this wood to honor it (I know that sounds weird, but…). Initially, I planned on using the wood in its current size but soon realized the desk would weigh far too much. Do you know of any plans available for purchase for a desk made from old, old timbers?

    Pity I cannot make a music desk or piece – Wurlitzer and all, but I wouldn’t even know what to make.

    Best regards,

    Darryl Crum
    DeKalb, IL

    • Avatar

      Hi Darryl,
      We’re sorry, but we are a flooring company and do not directly make furniture. We don’t have any plans on how to make furniture, but maybe one of our guest bloggers will create something in the future that is relevant to your question!
      Sorry we couldn’t be of much help.

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    Just a small correction, Tim will be featured on Ellen’s Design Challenge on HGTV, not Design Star. Great article, love the tips for buyers.

    • Alana Kane

      Thanks for the catch Kim! We will be sure to watch him on Ellen’s Design Challenge throughout the next couple of weeks. Glad you enjoyed the article!

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