DIY Christmas Gifts Made With Wood

Wood decor and rustic projects are some of the top trends in design this year. If predictions hold true, they’ll continue to be enormously popular for years to come. That’s because wood offers a traditional and timeless look. It’s classic and classy.

As you start to look at DIY Christmas gift tutorials, consider gifts that offer long-term decor.

The first step in creating your own Christmas gifts with wood is finding the materials. You can go to your local craft store to purchase pre-cut wood or visit your lumber store for scraps of wood or long planks of wood. Or you can use left over scraps from your last flooring project, meaning making gifts from laminate flooring! Yep! All of these DIY gifts can also be made with laminate flooring!

DIY Welcome Sign

Welcome signs are a wonderful gift for any home owner! They add a warm welcome to anyone who may come to their place. It also adds some curb appeal! You can easily use scraps of laminate for this project, or a plank of wood from the local lumber yard. If there’s a word that’s more appropriate for your family member you’re gifting this to, use it instead of the traditional greeting! The ability to personalize gifts is what makes DIY gifts so awesome!

Repurposed Laminate Welcome Sign by DIY Inspired
Repurposed Laminate Welcome Sign by DIY Inspired

Serving Tray

We all have that family member who just loves to host parties! Give them the gift of a serving tray and you bet you’ll be seeing it at their home on your next visit. Use scraps of unique laminate or construct this from old pallets for an even more rustic look! The design is up to you!

Upcycled Laminate Serving Tray by DIY Inspired
Upcycled Laminate Serving Tray by DIY Inspired

Coat Hanger

If you know someone with limited closet space, this is the perfect gift for them! A wood or laminate coat hanger is a really easy gift to make that can be used year round. Who knows, you may even get people to ask to you make this gift for them too! Have fun with the design. Maybe paint the laminate and stencil on inspirational quotes. The options are limitless when you make your own Christmas gifts!

Repurposed Laminate Flooring Coat Hanger by DIY Inspired
Repurposed Laminate Flooring Coat Hanger by DIY Inspired

Reclaimed Thankful Sign

The holidays are the time to make special memories with family and friends. Give someone a present letting them know you’re thankful for them with this DIY Reclaimed Wood and Rope sign. Hang photos, ornaments or keepsakes for the sign.

Reclaimed DIY Thankful Sign by Prodigal Pieces

Holiday Coaster Gift Set

Looking for an easy DIY gift to give your neighbor or friend? Try making some coasters out of spare laminate or reclaimed wood! Add special touches such as lace, stencils and words to each coaster.

Untitled design (6)
Holiday Coaster Gift Set by DIY Inspired


Now it’s your turn!

What gifts have you made using wood or laminate flooring? Share with us on Facebook or Pinterest! We’d love to see what you’ve created.

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*This post was updated from 2014 to give you a better reading experience and better wood DIY gifts this season!


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