5 spooky ideas for halloween decor

Spooky Delights: 5 Ideas for DIY Halloween Decor

It’s that time of year when ghosts and goblins roam the streets, children carve their favorite jack-o-lantern designs, and homes get decorated with cobwebs. It’s a spooky season with lots of fun frights in store. If your family loves Halloween as much as we do, then you’ll want to decorate to celebrate the holiday.

DIY Halloween decor is fun for the whole family. By creating your own decorations this year, you can have fun with your kids while preparing your house for all of the trick or treaters. Grab your favorite witches brew and let’s get crafty!

Here are five DIY ideas that you can make with ease.

Paint Leftover Laminate Flooring

Do you have any planks of laminate flooring left over from your last project? You could hold onto them in case you need to replace a plank or two, or you could cut them up and turn them into Halloween decorations! If the latter sounds like more fun to you, then here’s how to make wooden candy corn decorations:

• Grab your jigsaw and cut one of these planks into a candy-corn shaped triangle.
• Paint each triangle in thirds with white, orange, and yellow, like the blogger at I Dig Pinterest did.
• Tie a brown ribbon around the candy corn for an autumn touch or leave them as is and display them in your mantle.

DIY Halloween Decor

DIY Potion Bottles

Do you have left over jars from peanut butter or jelly? Use them to create your own potion bottles using the instructions from While He Was Napping.

To do this, simply:

• Paint an empty jar black or white.
• Print out a label with your favorite potion name. Your kids will undoubtedly have some fun ideas for this part of the project!
• Screw on the cap and display the bottles in your kitchen or bathroom.

DIY Halloween Decor

Mummify Your Candy

HGTV came up with another clever way to use leftover jars or cans is to turn them into mummified candy holders. Here’s how to do this:

• Paint your jars or cans black.
• Wrap gauze around the jars until all that’s left is a slot for eyes and a mouth.
• Glue on some oogly eyes.
• Fill your jars with candy

These make the perfect party favors for your guests!

DIY Halloween Decor

Go Batty!

Turn your rustic decor into a bat cave with cut out paper bats. Using black paper, red puff paint, and clothespins you can create a spooky look in seconds. Here’s how:

• Cut out bat shapes using the template from Shelterness.
• Add red puff paint for the eyes and white paint for the fangs.
• Let dry and then clip these bats with small black clothespins to your tree branches.

DIY Halloween Decor

Crystal Ball Candlesticks

Do you have dark, tall candlesticks in your decor? For Halloween, turn these into crystal ball holders. To do this, get clear Christmas bulbs and transparency paper. Then:

• Print out spooky black and white images on the transparency paper.
• Cut out the images and roll them up.
• Put the images inside the crystal bulb (70mm works best, according to this post on Flamingo Toes) and glue them in place.
• Place your spooky crystal ball on top of the candle holder and you’re all set!

DIY Halloween Decor

No matter which DIY project you make this Halloween, be sure to show us a picture of what you create!

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