DIY Project: Replacing a Ceiling Fan

OK, so I know you can just read the directions that come in the box for replacing a ceiling fan, but after replacing a few in our new home, I thought I’d share some tips that we learned through this process. It’s fairly easy to do, however for some reason my husband and I always run into small problems. The photos in this collage are from when we replaced my daughter’s fan in her room.

Removing the Old Fan

• Never use a metal ladder while working with electricity. Use wood or fiberglass (We didn’t run into any problems with this one… thank goodness… I just thought I’d add it anyway).

• Turn off the electricity for both the fan and the light before you start.

• Remove all the light bulbs before you remove the fan. If they still work, reuse them!

• If there are light shades, remove those too.

• Use the buddy system. Ceiling fans are heavy and working with a partner makes the project quicker and safer.

• Consider removing the blades before removing the motor instead of removing the entire fan at once. This will make it less awkward to remove and will also be safer when dealing with a heavy motor.

• When in doubt, call an electrician!

When assembling the new fan, account for all the parts and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

DIY Project: Replacing a Ceiling Fan

Installing the New Fan

• If you have any issues with the support brace you can always install an expanding metal brace.

• If for some reason your fan doesn’t come with a mounting bracket, you can but a mounting kit separately.

• Make sure all screws are tightened to avoid any wobbling when the fan is on.

These simple tips I think will make a big difference when you decide to replace your ceiling fans. I hope this helped! Thank you so much for reading!

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