Do I Have To Use Tracks With The Moldings?

Do I Have To Use Tracks With The Moldings?

After your laminate flooring is installed, transition pieces are ready to be put in place for the finishing touch. When you are using moldings to finish off your laminate floors, they come with tracks so you can install your moldings easily.

Why Do I Need Molding Tracks?

Molding tracks screw into your wood sub floor allowing the moldings to simply snap in. When installing moldings on a cement floor, sometimes it is best to glue the moldings down and place a few heavy objects on the moldings overnight to ensure that it does not move while the glue dries.

What If My Laminate Is Really Thick?

If your laminate is 12mm thick, and you are using transition pieces, sometimes the track will be too short and will not allow the moldings to snap into the track due to height difference. Instead,  you will have to use shims – which are long sticks of wood that are the same length and width as the molding track – to put between the subfloor and the track to raise the track to the proper height. Your moldings will then install easily.

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