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do it yourself cleaning

Do It Yourself Cleaning: Quick Tips for a Clean House

Have you ever looked at some of your friend’s houses and wondered, “How do they do it? How do they keep it so clean?” So have we.

The clean house is something that’s illusive to most people. It’s a job that feels never ending. Cleaning is a chore dreaded by most homeowners. But when a house cleaner is too expensive or unavailable, you might be forced into do it yourself cleaning to get the job done.

Don’t fret – we’ve got you covered!

Here are a few quick cleaning tips (beyond tossing all of your clutter into a closet) to help your home look freshened up for company without costing you a lot of stress and time.

Clean your floors

When your floors are dirty, everything else feels dirty too. Hair, crumbs, or dust can make your house look far worse than it really is.

If you don’t clean anything else, clean your floors!

Cleaning laminate flooring is easy. Sweep up large debris and then give your floors a glossy shine by rubbing a damp mop across the floors.

Dust everywhere

Dusty shelves, tables, and books are another sign of a dirty house. Cleaning the dust off your picture frames and unused spaces will immediately make your home look cleaner.

Get your handheld sweeper and go to town. If you have kids, get them involved by having a contest for who can dust the fastest.

Give your windows a wash

Wash your windows. When your guests look out at the snow falling or sparkling holiday lights, you don’t the view to be obstructed by smudges or dirt.

For a streak free shine, we suggest trying to wash your windows with cleaner and then drying them with newspaper. It’s an easy trick to keep your windows looking great for days to come.

Scrub the counters

When your visitors walk into your kitchen or bathroom, do the countertops look grungy? If so, give them a fast wipe down with an anti-bacterial towelette. Making your bathroom sparkle and shine will also send a strong signal to your guests that you have a clean, welcoming home.

Light a candle

Finally, before your guests arrive, light a candle. The decadent smell will meet them as they walk through the door and give your house a cozy ambience. Soon, they’ll be so happy to see you and feel so comfortable in your house that they won’t even notice the small blemishes and minor spots that can make your house look less than clean.

Have another tip to add? What is your favorite quick cleaning strategy?

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