Do It Yourself Projects Your Entire Family Will Love

Ever feel like it’s impossible to get work done with your kids running around the house? Are you sick of having to beg your teenagers to help you out on projects? Maybe it’s time to try do it yourself projects and get the entire family involved!

Making upgrades to your house doesn’t have to feel like a chore. Get more out of your family time by starting and finishing a big project together.

Here are a few DIY projects your entire family will love to help with.

Build Yourself A New Lighting Fixture

Have you been meaning to replace that old, ugly lighting fixture? Get a stylish new pendant without spending a fortune. With just an old basket, some glue and and some spray paint, you can create a stunning new way to light up your room. See the instructions for how to make this here.

DIY Anthropolgie Inspired Pendant Light
DIY Anthropolgie Inspired Pendant Light

Build An Outdoor Garden

Does anything taste as delicious as homegrown vegetables? Making your own planter so you and your kids can grow a vegetable garden might be easier than you think. Simply cut pieces of wood to fit the frame size you want in your backyard. Then, cut small pieces to fit in the corners of your new vegetable garden to brace the entire structure together. Once that’s complete, you’re ready to add the soil and secure your new vegetable garden to the ground with stakes. When everything is level, plant your vegetables and watch them grow. Mom and dad will have to be in charge of hammering the frame together while the kiddos just look on. After that, kids of all ages can assist in adding dirt to the planter and watering the vegetables.

Rustic Landscape by Vancouver General Contractors Rob Kyne
Rustic Landscape by Vancouver General Contractors Rob Kyne

Install New Flooring

Flooring can be fun! Especially when your kids are helping you every step of the way. Take a load off and enjoy the installation process. There are plenty of ways your older kids can help out while learning how to be handy around the house. Have your daughter hold down and tape the underlayment, or have your son snap in the flooring pieces. There are plenty of ways they can get involved. Read our guide to see how easy it is.

angle angle laminate installation

Create A Cozy Outdoor Hangout

This project is easier than it first appears. Find a shaded corner on your patio. Then, start hammering together a few 2×4’s. Lay down a few extra pieces of wood to close in the frame and you’re done! Your kids have a stage to perform, your family has a spot to sit back and play games. Your entire family will enjoy building and using this outdoor hangout. Get instructions here.

Day Bed Tutorial
Day Bed Tutorial

Spruce Up Some Old Furniture

If your kids love to paint, put them to work remaking some old furniture. Go to a thrift store or use what you already have in your home. Then, get out the paint can, drop cloth, and paintbrushes to get to work remaking an old piece of furniture.

Another Gem Colored Milk Paint Dresser - Make Me Pretty Again
Another Gem Colored Milk Paint Dresser – Make Me Pretty Again

Get the whole family involved in upgrading your home. When you’re done, your kids will have pride that they helped you complete a project. You’ll be able to check some items off your to-do list. Your entire family will bond over hard work and a lot of laughter.

Have you tried any DIY projects with your kids? Tell us about them in the comments below!

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