5 Tips On Making The Most Out Of Your Small Kitchen

The kitchen is often the heart of the home and it can be a challenging area when the space is small. When utensils, pots and pans are difficult to find; it is time to give your small kitchen space the TLC that it deserves. We have five tips that will help you make the most out of your small kitchen design.

Minimize Countertop Clutter

First of all, take a step back and look at your countertop. If you cannot see it, it’s time to clear out the clutter. There shouldn’t be a mess of dishes, small appliances, or papers. Find an area to properly store these items, so your countertop can be clutter free. Just think of all the extra space you will have once the clutter is cleared!

Minimalistic kitchen with open counterspace for a clean design.

Utilize Wall Space

Are you utilizing your wall space? Chances are, you have an area or two that would benefit from a few hooks or open shelving. If storage is a problem for you, this is a great opportunity to utilize and maximize your space to make it more functional. Add decorative hooks to hang spoons or utensils. Add open shelving to place bowls or measuring utensils so they’re within reach!

Customer Kitchen featuring Bestlaminate Livanti Woodridge Northern Oak Vinyl Flooring

Creative Use Of Cabinets

Do your cabinets and refrigerator reach to the ceiling? No? Good! This is extra storage space you didn’t know you had! You may need to keep a step stool handy, but it will be worth it when you can keep all of your kitchen items where it belongs! If the insides of  the cabinets are full, you can always use the spaces above the cabinets too!

Overhead Cabinet Storage for Dining Plates.

Go For Smaller Appliances

Appliances can take up a lot of space. Do your appliances fit your small kitchen space? If they do not, consider downsizing to smaller sized appliances. It may be a drag to not have a standing mixer anymore, but handheld mixers work just as well and can be stored in a cabinet when not in use! Do you have a coffee pot sitting on your counter, but you hardly make a full pot? Consider buying a French Press instead! Makes great coffee and it takes less time!

Customer Kitchen featuring Open Shelving for Storage.

Create More Space with a Removable Island or Storage Cart

You might find that even doing these previously mentioned things aren’t enough to cut it. Consider purchasing a rolling kitchen rack or island! These things can really come in handy when you need just a few extra cabinets or space. Coffee carts are a perfect way to give your space a cute area for all your coffee needs. Purchase one with a butcher-block top so it can double as a cutting board, or a sturdy granite finish for an extra counter top!

Customer Coffee Bar – Also Cat approved!

Have you utilized your small kitchen to the fullest? Tell us all about it in the comments below! We would love to hear how you transformed your space from clutter to functional!

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