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Underlayment 101

Flooring Underlayment 101 Guide will provide you with all of the underlayment information you need. Learn everything about underlayment whether it’s from the brands, the types, or even the basics of the installation process. Anything you need, you will find it right here with Bestlaminate, your source for the best information about flooring underlayment. You can easily learn the basics below.

Underlayment 101- Learn the Basics:

Basic Information

What is underlayment? When should I use it? What are the different types? Do you have questions? We have answers. Start exploring and begin your journey now with Bestlaminate! Learn more

The Types

What is the difference between standard underlayment and a vapor barrier? Learn all about it and more! Explore all interesting topics related to the different types of underlayment. Learn more

The Brands

]What is the difference between Floor Muffler and Kronoswiss underlayment? What makes one brand better than another? Learn all about underlayment manufacturers and their brands. Learn More

Warranty: You have to know that warranty claims against flooring products usually turn out to be damage caused by wrong installation, rather than faulty material. You will have manufacturer warranty coverage as long as you follow manufacture’s instruction.

Shop & Compare:

Underlayment is a necessity for some flooring installations. Learn which type of underlayment will work best for you and the floor you plan to install. Underlayment comparisons can be very helpful. Bestlaminate’s resources are at your fingertips, they will help you to make an educated decision and provide you with the information you are looking for.

Underlayment Collections:

Wonder what makes underlayment so different? How do you know which to use? Look no longer, Bestlaminate always has underlayment collections ready for you to explore. Now, itʼs up to you, to explore it. Reading about the different underlayment collections can be very useful. As with anything, it is totally up to you to make the renovations happen.

Explore the 3 different collections of underlayment:

Basic Underlayments

Basic underlayments are exactly that, basic! They get the job done in a a cost effctive manner, without suffering quality. Learn more about basic underlayments…more

Silent Underlayments

Silent underlaytments are specifically designed to help reduce noise. These underlayments are useful for second level installations or apartments! Learn more about silent underlayments….more

Vapor Moisture Barriers

Vapor barriers, sometimes called moisture barriers, are crucial to a successful cement subfloor installation. Learn more about vapor barriers…more

When deciding what kind of floor will be perfect for your home, Bestlaminate is a great place to start.  We always have helpful information available for you. Explore all Laminate Flooring Reviews.

For video reviews visit our YouTube Channel.

Underlayment Installation:

Underlayment installation is not complicated at all. This is the easiest part of a flooring installation, as it simply involves unrolling, cutting, and securing the underlayment. Regardless, Bestlaminate is here for you providing useful “How to” tutorials and guides to support you in the process. So, if you decided to install your underlayment by yourself use our resources today. View the different installation slideshows below to get started!

Warranty claims against flooring products usually turn out to be damage caused by wrong installation, rather than faulty material. It is essential to follow manufacture’s instruction, so make sure to read installation instructions provided by manufacturer before you begin installing, as different underlayment may require different techniques. 

Installation Tips:

Preparing for the underlayment installation process is made easy when you have a team on your side. We are here to guide you along the way and answer any questions you may have, saving you time and money. There are a few things you want to consider before installing your underlayment. Below you can find installation tips ranging from: what to consider before the installation, the actual installation itself, and the supplies that you need for the process. Review our tips below to save yourself time and money.

When underlayment is installed, you will have the confidence knowing your floor will last for many years to come. Having a good foundation is the most important step in having a successful installation. Let Bestlaminate help you through this process in order to achieve a successful DIY installation!

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