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Ask Bob and Betsy: What Goes With Oak Colored Flooring?

Dear Bob and Betsy,
I’m moving into my fiancé’s house and he has oak colored flooring. I don’t know how to redecorate with this floor coloring and I’m wondering if I should put in new floors. Can you tell me what colors and furniture goes with the oak color?
– Rochelle N.

Dear Rochelle,

Congratulations on your engagement! Blending homes and decorating styles is difficult. You each have your unique styles. Together you need to find the perfect style to match you as a couple.

Redecorating is one of the most fun parts of moving to a new house. However, when you’re not sure how to work with the flooring that’s currently in place, the task can seem more daunting and less enjoyable. Let’s change that!

Styles of Decor

Oak colored flooring is being used in more homes with modern décor. Its clean look and feel compliments the clean lines used in modern furniture pieces.

Furniture Colors

Oak is one of the most versatile colors of flooring. It blends well with both light and dark colors.

As a rule, we suggest staying away from medium toned wood furniture. Try to find furniture with a greater contrast.

Many homeowners with oak colored flooring also use painted furniture to offset the different styles of wood. Black or white flooring works best for this.

You can try to match your furniture to the oak color, but this can be difficult and make it harder to break up or add style to the room.

Accent Pieces

Once you have your furniture, you need to buy accent pieces to finish off your space. With oak wood floors, white, blue, and black accent pieces work well. They add a cool, yet inviting look to the room.

If there is any type of red in the oak floors, you can compliment that with red accent décor, such as throw pillows or vases. Keep the red to a minimum so it does not overwhelm your space.

The key is to have fun with your decorating! Don’t forget to add personalized touches to your designs, such as pictures of you and your fiancé. Happy Decorating!

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