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Green Laminate Flooring

Eco-Friendly Floors? What are laminate flooring producers are doing to help the environment? These days, we all want to do what we can to keep our homes pollution free and the environment clean. We are talking about green laminate flooring, and we are not referring to the color of the floor.

How often do you hear the words reduce, reuse, recycle? Most of us hear these words or are reminded on a daily basis; as to how we can make our world a little cleaner haven. Did you know that laminate flooring applies by these rules? We’re here to explain how green laminate flooring can be!

1. Reduce

Most laminate flooring companies today are reducing the amount of trees they consume when they make laminate flooring. These environmentally friendly laminate flooring companies often create “forest management plans”, meaning that only certain areas of forests are used for certain production lines. An important piece of this puzzle is the fact that new trees are often replanted where the older ones are harvested from. Eco-friendly flooring companies are helping keep our forests alive.

2. Reuse

Laminate flooring often comes with a residential warranty of 10-25 years. Chances are, you will be tired of the pattern of your laminate flooring before it is worn out. Hereʼs where the beauty of laminate flooring comes into play. You can pull up your old laminate flooring and give it to someone else, or install it in another room in your home. Now that is one of greatest features that laminate flooring has to offer!

3. Recycle

Along with many companies reducing the amount of trees they use to make laminate flooring, many companies are implementing recycling programs for their floors. Armstrong has one such program where they will take back any clean, uninstalled flooring. They then process the flooring and use it in the creating of new flooring!

Kronoswiss laminate flooring is also a revolutionary leader in practicing green laminate flooring practices. Kronoswiss laminate flooring company from Switzerland is striving to be a world leader in eco-friendly and safe laminate flooring in the industry. Since day one, Kronoswiss has been using the practice of the rule of balanced development.

See Kronoswiss’ green flooring initiatives below:

Together with partners, customers and suppliers, we operate a recycling concept which allows the usage of the timber to come full circle. It is ideal to ensure the ultimate utilization of wood. Increasingly we are able to collect customer’s off-cuts and unwanted furniture, on the vehicle that has delivered the new panels. This of course reduces transportation, and provides us with a source of energy. – Kronoswiss

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