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Is hand scraped vinyl flooring available?

by Bestlaminate
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In your great search for the perfect flooring, you have finally decided that vinyl has all of the features that you need. However, you absolutely love the look of handscraped laminate flooring and want an authentic looking floor in your home. Can you have the best of both worlds?

Absolutely, You Can!

Handscraped vinyl flooring is definitely an option! Manufacturer’s have plenty of choices when it comes to laminate and vinyl flooring. They understand that some people want their wood vinyl flooring to actually look like wood!

Vinyl technology and design has come a long way. The high quality printing paired with the handscraped finish gives the floor an authentic wood look that can be mistaken for real hardwood. With natural wood features, lines and grooves, hand scraped finish vinyl floors are the perfect way to add warmth to your space.

bestlaminate wood textured vinyl flooring

What to Look For

When shopping for vinyl flooring, you will find the handscraped texture listed as Embossed-In-Register (EIR) or Register-In-Grain, as well as wood textured or textured. In today’s market, many of these floors will contain a textured look and feel.

For stone looks, you will also be able to find textures that mimic porcelain, marble and slate.

Luxury vinyl plank flooring has become so popular because of how practical it is. For busy homes with commotion, children and pets, it is one of the best options. With complete moisture resistance, there is no better option. Not to mention, it is available in stunning designs including a handscraped finish, which looks just like authentic wood.

Have you installed a handscraped vinyl flooring that you purchased from us? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments!

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Richard Langbecker August 10, 2023 - 9:33 pm

Do you carry Engineered Vinyl Plank flooring?

Rachel Vahcic August 14, 2023 - 11:44 am

Thanks for your question, Richard. We do not carry engineered vinyl plank flooring. However, we have a huge selection of high quality vinyl floors on our website!

Karen Frank May 29, 2019 - 8:53 pm

I am considering LVT in my new home but want the look of real wood. Can you please provide me a name of hand scraped LVT and possbily some samples. I will be finishing 3500 square feet.

Alana Kane May 31, 2019 - 1:42 pm

Hi Karen, thanks for reaching out! Of course we have some options for you. Do you have a specific color you’re looking for? You can filter the options on our website, but here are a few you may like. If any suit your taste, you can order free samples through the product pages. Feel free to give us a call at 800-520-0961 if you need more ideas! https://www.bestlaminate.com/timeless-designs-irresistible-nutmeg-irresnut-spc-vinyl-plank-flooring/; https://www.bestlaminate.com/search-by-brand/timeless-designs/everlasting-collection/; https://www.bestlaminate.com/coretec-plus-5-plank-dakota-walnut-50lvp507-wpc-vinyl-flooring/

Sue Metzler January 7, 2017 - 6:11 pm

I want to understand the difference (moisture wise) between Pergo XP Outlast Spill protect (specifically) and vinyl Plank Flooring.
I have an older dog who is having indoor accident every so often and I am possibly going to have a puppy within the next couple years. I want to know if the locking system of the Pergo brand will keep pet urine from seeping under the floor vs the same question with Vinyl Planks.
Also, can either of the above be used in the kitchen and bathroom?
Thank you for this. I just can’t make up my mind.

Alana Kane January 10, 2017 - 11:50 am

Hi Sue – that is a great question! We do not sell the Pergo XP Spill Protect, so we are not 100% sure about what the technology is, but we can let you know how a laminate and vinyl are different. With any laminate, you are dealing with a wood-based product. With that said, moisture and humidity, as well as drastic temperature changes can cause damage to the planks. Most household accidents can be easily cleaned up without affecting the laminate. We do not recommend using laminate in a full bathroom, but it can be used in a kitchen or half bath without issue. Sealing the edges of your laminate planks is also an option to help limit any water damage or pet accidents.

With a vinyl, you have a rubber based product that is naturally moisture/water proof. This flooring would be better recommended for kitchens, bathrooms and areas prone to water, such as an entry. We would recommend the vinyl over a laminate in your situation. If you want to read more about laminate and vinyl, check out this comparison we created: http://www.bestlaminate.com/help/compare-laminate-flooring-vs-vinyl-flooring/

Mia Boyd April 27, 2015 - 10:19 am

Wow, I love the look of that flooring. It gives the building such an awesome, modern look. It’d be nice to have my own small business with flooring like that. Maybe I’ll convince my husband that our store needs new flooring.

Ashley Tolfo April 27, 2015 - 12:43 pm

Thank you, Mia! Let us know if you need new flooring and we will be happy to assist you! 1-800-520-0961


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