How do I calculate square footage for laminate flooring installation?

Measuring your space and calculating the square footage for laminate flooring installation is crucial in making your flooring project a success. To calculate the area of your space, you must multiply the length by the width of your room.

Unfortunately, not all of us have perfectly square or rectangular rooms, and measuring can get tricky.

In a space with nooks, crannies, closets and asymmetrical walls, it is best to divide the space into easy-to-measure areas.

Here is an example:
Basic Room Plan

The best way to tackle a complex space like this is to break it down into sections. We broke this room up into 3 different spaces and then measured the width and length of each section. Find the exact measurements of each wall of your space. Be as precise as possible when getting these numbers.

Room Plan Divided into Zones

By dividing your room into ‘zones’, measurement taking is much easier. It often helps to sketch your room out on paper so you don’t lose track and keep your measurements organized. Take the length and width of each section and multiply them together.

Calculate Each Zone's Square Footage and Add the Totals Together

Once you’ve calculated the square footage of each little zone, add the numbers up to find your total square footage for the room! So the room above has a total of 736 sq.ft., easy enough, right? Try it yourself on your own room! Let us know if we explained it well in the comments below.

If you have a difficult time measuring, don’t hesitate to call Bestlaminate to get help from one of our flooring specialists – 1-800-520-0961!

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