How To Create Your Own Style with Eclectic Decor

Let’s face it – it can be hard to choose one design style that you like best. There are so many out there to love, how do you narrow your choices?

If you like a wide variety of styles and don’t fit into just one style box, then you’d benefit from combining multiple styles into your own brand of eclectic décor.

Eclectic décor incorporates purposeful use of color, texture, and shape. You can effortlessly blend multiple genres of design into one without it looking tacky or misplaced. This is the perfect style for thrift hunters or lovers of vintage accents. Here are some tips on how to create your own style with eclectic decor.

Find a Statement Piece

If you throw a little of this and a little of that in at random, chances are you’ll end up with a mess. Eclectic décor is not just a mishmash of random pieces. Instead, start your design with a reason or purpose in mind. For example, maybe you focus your room around a family heirloom, a unique piece of furniture or artwork. Use this with every choice you make to create a cohesive end design that looks well pulled together.

We love how Vanessa at Studio Matsalla used these fun tiles to give her fireplace an upgrade. Eclectic, yet chic with minimal details to surround it.

Fireplace - Studio matsalla
By Studio Matsalla


In eclectic décor you have a chance to incorporate colors you wouldn’t normally think would go together. However, to make this work the key is to ground the design by incorporating neutrals as well. For example, using a neutral background in the walls or the couch will make bright colors pop.

You can introduce colors in painted furniture, accessories, fabrics, or trim. Keep in mind that a mix of too many bright colors could be overwhelming. Stay centered on your reason and purpose behind your design for the best results.

This home is an art collectors abode. He pairs bright colors and art with traditional furniture. You can tour the rest of the home here.



Create contrast by using different textures and patterns. Be creative! For example, you can contrast rustic wood with metal elements or hard surfaces paired with soft.

One way to bring texture (and color) into a space is through the floors. There are many options when it comes to eclectic style flooring – since you aren’t bound to just one primary decorating style. For example, you can mix old with new by choosing a rustic style or go with contemporary flooring to add a level of sophistication. Adding a rug can also bring texture, color and pattern into your space. Check out this oriental rug that accents this small bedroom courtesy of Design Sponge.

Sally Clark’s Home via Design Sponge


Eclectic décor allows for a use of different styles in one design. Mix different time periods, old with new, modern pieces with traditional. You can even take a traditional style chair and recover it in a contemporary fabric (in a fun texture or bold pattern!).

Whatever choices you make in color, texture, and style for your eclectic décor make sure it’s purposefully and meaningfully done. You don’t want your style to come across cluttered and chaotic. This room from Classy Clutter perfectly mixes gold accents, patterns and textures.

By Classy Clutter

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