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How to Decorate Your Home for The Holidays

How to Decorate Your Home for The Holidays

Holiday season is around the corner and it is easy to wonder how to decorate your home for the holidays. Creating a warm and inviting atmosphere can be one of the simplest projects you take on this holiday season. When guests feel comfortable, the natural beauty of your home will fall into place. From the Christmas tree, to the stockings that are hung; your home can be beautiful for the holidays, as well as all year long.

Remember First Impressions

One of the first things visitors to your home see is your front door. So, how does your front door look? Have you hung a holiday wreath out? Have you hung a bright red ribbon on the door? What about a garland? There are many simple ways you can spruce up your entryway to make a lasting impression on guests coming over for the holidays!

Mediterranean Entry by Tampa Doors US Door & More Inc
Mediterranean Entry by Tampa Doors US Door & More Inc

Keep It Warm and Inviting

If you have installed new flooring and freshened up some walls with a fresh coat of paint; chances are that your home already has a wonderful, warm atmosphere. Adding little touches can go a long way! Try holiday place-mats to your dining room table, coordinate seasonal pillows for your sofa, add touches of sparkle to your mantles and light candles throughout your home.

Traditional Dining Room by Edmonton Interior Designers & Decorators AMR Interior Design & Drafting Ltd.
Traditional Dining Room by Edmonton Interior Designers & Decorators AMR Interior Design & Drafting Ltd.

The Perfect Tree

You can’t forget about the Christmas tree! A great way to personalize your Christmas tree is to take the whole family out to a tree farm and cut your own tree. Memories, as well as a fresh pine scent will be with your home during the holiday season. Keep the decorations minimal, simple and meaningful. After all, you probably hiked a mile to find the perfect Christmas tree. Make sure you can actually see the beauty in the family Christmas tree. What a simple way to beautify your home!

Scandinavian Living Room by Louise de Miranda
Scandinavian Living Room by Louise de Miranda

Add Holiday Scents

Everyone loves an inviting scent. Candles in holiday scents from pumpkin & spice, to the scent of peppermint can fill your home with an inviting aroma; unlike any other. Potpourri poured into a glass dish would be another option when it comes to filling your home with an inviting holiday scent. How about baking sugar cookies? Everyone also loves the scent of freshly baked sugar cookies. If you have young children, baking and decorating cookies is a fun idea for the whole family!

Rustic Dining Room by Webb City Media & Bloggers Michelle Edwards
Rustic Dining Room by Webb City Media & Bloggers Michelle Edwards

So what are you waiting for? Now is the time to create a warm, inviting atmosphere while beautifying your home. If you have a fireplace, be sure to fire it up, relax, and enjoy the inviting atmosphere that you have created in your home. Share your holiday home with us and Happy Holidays from Bestlaminate!

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    this is great tips to make holiday memorable in home


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    In this blog post are good i try my self

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    I appreciate How to Decorate Your Home for The Holidays Christmas season is around the bend and it is anything but difficult to think about how to finish your home for the occasions.

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    I couldn’t resist commenting. Perfectly written!

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    A pleasant tablescape and well decorated seaasonal home creates warmth. I also use special holiday linens and floor coverings.

  8. Avatar

    My favorite holiday warmth is a fire in the fireplace and a big mug of hot chocolate with a bit of Bailey’s…

  9. Avatar
    Carol Throckmorton

    Twitter @mecarolks

  10. Avatar

    I created warmth with candles and I also love to keep throw blankets on all of my couches and chairs. I dim lights also which really give a warm feeling to my rooms. Beautiful soft fragrances always add to the warmth in some of my rooms where I have scented pine cones and cinnamon brooms. Welcome signs at my front foyer let guests know they are always welcome in my home. Also warm paint tones add alot of warmth.


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    I love lots of candle color lites , christmas music and a good christmas book to warm me up! @pbkup

  12. Avatar

    I love having holiday candles out and some warm hot chocolate with dark chocolate syrup in it. 🙂

  13. Avatar

    @momtodanielle on twitter
    My recipe for warmth is hot toddy and some freshly baked cookies 🙂

  14. Avatar

    I am @kygurl62689 on twitter!

  15. Avatar

    Believe it or not. Deviled Eggs is. Everyone goes ahhhh when they have mine and it’s easy to make. I love them too.

  16. Avatar

    I love the look , feel and smell that Christmas brings. The aroma of pumpkin in the air is really an inviting smell that I love around the holidays. I lite my candles all the time.

  17. Avatar

    My best recipe for creating this inviting atmosphere is scented candles,lots of decorations, Great food, and of course love! @evie197580

  18. Avatar

    My house isn’t very inviting…even for just us…so my answer is everyone go to ‘grandma’s’! 😉 Seriously…we all go to grandma’s and have a good family gathering there. 🙂


    Miranda Johnson on Facebook.

    bctripletmom at gmail dot com

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    My recipe for a warm inviting atmosphere is to make apple cider and have it simmering on low on the stove or in a crockpot…put fresh cinnamon sticks in it and the entire house is filled with a fresh aroma. I also love using fresh evergreen sprigs on the mantle, as a center piece of the dining table and on the back of the toilets…makes racha area smell so wonderful for this special time of the year.

  20. Avatar

    We love candles and fresh baked goodies to make our house feel welcoming.

  21. Avatar

    I always plug in Holiday scented air freshners so when you open your front door, you just feel wonderful.

  22. Avatar

    I like to be cooking something that smells delicious and inviting. My husband doesn’t care for scented candles too much so he is bombarded with fresh breads, cookies, roasted garlic, something is always cooking at our house. I think that makes the house feel warm. We are redoing our kitchen now so the above is difficult but worth it!

  23. Avatar

    Well i posted bt forgot the recipe!! i love gingerbread coookies!

  24. Avatar

    My best recipe to create a unique feeling at the holidays is mint brownies

  25. Avatar

    We do a lot that you have suggested. We have a beautiful wreath and beside it on the wall is a decoration scented with cinnamon…smells so good. Then the decorations start the minute you enter the house…in every room there is Christmas and candles, too. I bake tons during the holidays so more often than not you will smell something baking, too. I always have cocoa and flavorings for coffee so a warm treat is there to offer friends and family.

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    Haveing something baking is great at creating a warm and great atmosphere expecially cookies!!

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    My best recipe to create a unique feeling at the holidays is a thick, four cheese , meat and sausage Lasagna.
    It is not the holiday time in my home without it! May not be unique in invention but it is a season treat that makes the holiday special for us.

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    I create a warm and inviting atmosphere during the holidays by decorating every room in the house with treasured family decorations of years gone by that evoke conversations and memories we can all enjoy.

  29. Avatar

    I use a fresh weath on the door,makes it much mre inviting to come in! Plus,I use many christmas flowers & candles around the house,lots of cozy decorations..and always have a great smeling air freshener or candle around! A warm smile and a hug also makes it a much more warm and inviting atmosphere!

  30. Avatar

    I don’t think any food recipe in this world can create the perfect warm atmosphere of the holidays. I think it all comes from the heart. Whether it be opening your front door and seeing a smiling face you haven’t seen in so long, or cozying up on the couch with the family to a holiday classic. You can create a warm atmosphere by reaching out to those loved ones through a gentle hug, kiss, or even smile. In my family, we love to decorate the tree together and puts lights up every year. The simple things in life like that are what truly warms my heart.

  31. Avatar

    Friends mixed with family warmed by a fire with a teaspoon of good food and a hearty helping of spirit.

  32. Avatar

    I love to creata a warm and inviting atmosphere during the holidays. I make sure I decorate not just my Christmas tree, but kitchen, living room and even bathrooms get a touch of the holiday spirit. My favorite thing is baking all of my holiday cookies. The faces light up as you enter my home with freshly baked goods followed by my famous hot cocoa recipe served in the most adorable snowman mugs with sky high whipcream and chocolate shavings too. I love to light the fireplace to warm your hands by and sit and chat with friends and neighbors..these are the most warming memories I love to share with family and friends !!

  33. Avatar

    we love to mull cider and wine on the stove and let guests help themselves. It makes the whole house smell wonderful and makes everyone feel a little more at home when they are invited into the kitchen to sample.

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