How To Find Out How Many Boxes of Laminate Flooring I Need?

Are you asking yourself how to find out how many boxes of laminate flooring you need? Having difficulty calculating the square footage of your room? Not sure exactly how much flooring you’ll need? Don’t feel bad, we receive many calls from customers with these questions. Through step by instructions, the following article will answer all of your questions and make you look like a pro!

Establish Your Square Footage

Calculation of a standard square or rectangular room is simple and requires only to measure the length and width of the room and multiply the results. If you have a space with multiple rooms or your room is not perfectly rectangular, split your space into smaller rectangles and calculate the square footage separately for each area and add all of the measurements together. It’s a relatively simple formula!

How to calculate square footage of the room?

Add The Waste Factor

When it comes to laying laminate it always a safe bet to assume for extra. You will need to purchase extra flooring to cover any mistakes, accidents, and unforeseen damage. This is known as the waste factor.

The general rule of thumb is to add 5%-10% to the final square footage you calculated in the first step.

Example of 5% Added:
150 sq.ft. (total measured from rooms) x 0.05 (5% waste factor) = 7.5 sqft
150 sq.ft. (total measured from rooms) + 7.5 sq.ft (calculated amount of waste) = 157.5 sq.ft – final square footage to order

Converting Sq.Ft. to Boxes Needed

To calculate the number of boxes you need to know your final square footage, which is the total square footage + extra square footage for waste.

  1. Check packaging content of the floor you are interested in. All boxes of flooring have a different sq.ft. so this is important!
  2. Divide your final square footage of your room by the square footage listed on the box of the flooring.
  3. Round it up. Since laminate flooring is sold in full boxes only, you’ll have to round up your calculation to the closest full box.

157.5 sq.ft. (final square footage) / 25 sq.ft. (box content) = 6.6 boxes
You will need 7 boxes for your installation.

Or You Can Use Our Online Calculator

Step 1: Start with 1 Box

Simply use our online calculator, located within each product on our website. You will start with a basic setup, which is the square footage of one box. The calculator on our website makes this very simple! First you have to find the flooring that you want! Each floor will have different square footage, since the box content differs between manufacturers and brands.

Calculating how many boxes we need based on sq.ft sold per box
There is 25.80 sq.ft sold per box

Step 2:  Enter Your Final Square Footage

In our example, we calculated that we needed 157.5 sq.ft. to cover the rooms and 5% waste. Enter 157.5 into the provided box. You’ll notice how the number automatically rounds up to the next sq.ft./box. Since our calculation said we needed 6.6 boxes, the website automatically rounds up to the next full box. This would be 7 boxes or 180.60sq.ft. You will be getting a little extra than the waste you calculated for, but in the long run it could save you big bucks, especially if your flooring becomes discontinued!

We are adding waste to calculate how many boxes of laminate we need to buy for our home
Including waste may require you to buy another box but it is worth it!

Step 3:  Check Out

You’re done! Continue with the checkout and you have ordered your floor! Congratulations!

Planning a wood flooring project takes time and many measurements. Be sure to double check or even triple check your measurements. Especially when ordering an item that you cannot find locally, knowing the exact amount or ordering a little more will help prevent you from paying double shipping costs down the road. While you only pay a flat rate shipping fee for your larger order, you will need to pay a shipping and handling for smaller orders. Better to be prepared.

If you’re still not sure then we encourage you to give us a call so we can help you decide on the correct amount needed. Simply call 1-800-520-0961 and we will be happy to help!

More Calculation Help:

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  1. Alana Kane

    Hi Tracey – how many sqft are in each box?

  2. Avatar

    Hi how boxes do I need my living room 18 by 13 feet 234 square metres 9 in each box

  3. Alana Kane

    Hi Venneta, how many planks are in each box?

  4. Avatar

    Each of the wood plank is 9 in by 36 in. living room measures 13 ft by 18 ft. how many boxes would I need

  5. Alana Kane

    Hi Deneice, thanks for the question. With 5% waste, you have 226 sqft total. You will need 18 boxes for your project if the box contains 12.05 sqft.

  6. Avatar
    Deneice TAYLOR

    I have a rectangular room that is 12×18. The laminated flooring is 12.50 square ft with 6 planks in each box plank size 47.64 in X 6.30 in x 0.55. How many boxes of laminate do I need. I guessed 16 boxes. Please tell me I am wrong!!

  7. Alana Kane

    Hi Tammy – with 5% waster added in, you have 84 sqft to cover. You will need 2 boxes for your project.

  8. Alana Kane

    Hi Charley, this will depend on the sq.ft. amount that is in each box.

  9. Avatar
    Charley Skelligan

    Hi how many packs will i need 12ft by 9ft

  10. Avatar

    I have a 8×10 wall & i am wanting to cover it with panels they are 2×2 & thers 48 sq.foot in a box how many boxes do i need???

  11. Alana Kane

    Hi Liz, you will need 40 boxes. Be sure to add an extra 5% of waste to your total square footage. Take the total sqft and divide by box sqft.

  12. Avatar

    Hi, I’m doing new floors to my new house, I have 1000 square foot to cover, The floor I like said 25.34 sq. Ft on the box, can someone tell me how many boxes I need to buy.

  13. Alana Kane

    Hi JJ – you will need 151 sqft with 5% waste factored in. The box contains 10 sqft. You will need 15-16 boxes depending on the amount of waste you would like to account for.

  14. Alana Kane

    Hi Eliza, this will depend on how many square feet are in each box.

  15. Avatar

    Hi i have 250sqm area of flooring can someone tell me how many boxes of 8mm laminate i need pls

  16. Alana Kane

    Hi Hector, how many planks are in the box?

  17. Avatar

    Laminated wood flooring 170 are length × 155 with how many boxes I need

  18. Avatar

    The room I am doing is 16 ft long and 9 feet wide. I am using a flooring that is 12in x 12in and there are 10 tiles in a box. How many boxes do I need for this room? Thanks for your help!

  19. Alana Kane

    Hi Sarah, you would need 9 boxes with waste.

  20. Avatar
    Sarah Jane Middleton

    Each pack contains 1.91m2
    How may pack for 16m2 room

  21. Alana Kane

    Hi Cassie, thanks for your question. A 12″x12″ tile is equal to 1 sqft. Your rooms with 5% waste are 55.28sqft and 27.89sqft. You will need 9 boxes total.

  22. Avatar

    I am redo my Jack and Jill bathroom floor the flooring I want to use are 12×12 square they can in a 10 pack how many boxes will I need
    133″ long hall way bathroom to shower end wall
    57″ hall bath wide
    51″ long master bath
    75″ long from tub to master bedroom door way

  23. Alana Kane

    Hi Sara, this will depend on the amount of sqft per box. It will vary depending on the brand and floor.

  24. Avatar

    Hello How many boxes of vinyl flooring do I need for 2,491sq ft?

  25. Alana Kane

    Hi Rhonda, you will need to look for the sq.ft. in every box then divide 1900 by the sq.ft. per box.

  26. Avatar

    I have 1,900 sq ft. How Many boxes will I need, the boxes has 5×3/8” 9mm on the box.

  27. Alana Kane

    Hi, this will depend on which floor you are buying and how many square feet are in each box.

  28. Avatar

    My room works at at 180 square feet. Can u please tell my how many boxes of laminate flooring would I need. Thank you

  29. Alana Kane

    Hi Tom, thanks for the question. You will need 268.8 sq.ft. of flooring. This includes a 5% waste factor. All you will need to do is see how many sqft each box of flooring contains and divide total square footage by the number in the box.

  30. Avatar

    My room is 16 by 16 How many boxes will I need

  31. Alana Kane

    Hi Cindy, thanks for the question. With 5% waste added in, you have 84 sq.ft. to cover. You will only need 4 boxes for your project.

  32. Avatar

    Hi, if my room is an 8×10 and the flooring box covers 23.70 how many boxes of flooring do I need to purchase? I tried to figure ut out and came up with 14 but don’t believe I added correctly. Please help

  33. Alana Kane

    Hi Maureen, thanks for the question. The amount of boxes will depend on how much sq.ft. each box covers. You will only need 48 sqft.

  34. Avatar

    I need laminate flooring for my hallway 12 x 4 , how many boxes do I need please

  35. Alana Kane

    Hi Jermaine, thanks for the question. You have 147.78 sqft to cover. The number of boxes will depending on the amount of sqft in each box. Be sure to add in about 5% waste as well!

  36. Avatar

    How many boxes of laminate flooring would I need for a 12.85 ft. X 11.50 sq ft room, boxes $1.50 per sq ft. Thank you

  37. Alana Kane

    Hi Lori, thanks for the question. This is a great topic we can add to our blog! You will first need to find the square footage of your steps. You can follow this guide here: After you find the total, divide by 18.8 to find the number of boxes you will need.

  38. Avatar

    Box of laminate covers 18.8 sq ft; how many boxed wld I need for 14 standard steps ?

  39. Avatar

    Thank you so much

  40. Alana Kane

    Hi Lezah, you will need 14 boxes. If you didn’t include a waste factor in your room sqft, you may want to order 15.

  41. Avatar

    My room is 204sq feet and the box has 10 planks for 15sq feet. Each box is 39.00. Can you tell me how many boxes I need

  42. Alana Kane

    Hi Rachel, thanks for the question. You can purchase laminate at any quantity. Some floors have a minimum requirement to meet free shipping standards, so that may have been what you saw. If you just want to order a few boxes, then you will pay for the shipping vs having a bulk option. Feel free to give us a call at 800-520-0961 to learn more about the shipping.

  43. Avatar

    The last owners put in new laminate throughout the upstairs of my house but did not put laminate in the closets (left carpet). I only need a few boxes of laminate to finish the closets but see that you must purchase at least 400 sq. ft. on your website. Is there anyway I can order a small amount of laminate flooring?

  44. Alana Kane

    Hi Alaba, this will depend on the flooring you are installing. Each floor will have a different square footage per box. You can use this room calculator to find out your square footage needs:

  45. Avatar

    Hello,my living room is 3.6068m x 5.7912m and my dinning is 3.9624m x 5.7912m . Pls many box do l need for the living room and dinning .

  46. Alana Kane

    Hi Anthoney, thanks for the question. First, you will want to find the square footage of your room. With 5% waste included, you are looking at 386.4 sqft for your project. The flooring you want to buy will have sqft listed per box. Once you know how many sqft the box includes, you will be able to determine the number of boxes needed! Best of luck with your project.

  47. Avatar

    Hi my living room is 14 half wide and 23ft long I’m just a bit confused on how many packs of flooring id need if you could give me rough number there’s 8 boards in a pack

    Thanks for your help

  48. Alana Kane

    Hi Mariette, with a 5% waste factor, you will need 253.89 sqft of flooring. The amount of boxes will depend on the flooring you want and how much sqft is in each box. Hope this helps!

  49. Avatar

    My room is 18 foot by 6 long and 13 foot wide hoe many boxes does I need for flooring

  50. Avatar

    Hey Efrain, it would all depend on what particular floor as all brands are different!

  51. Avatar

    How many boxes of laminate flooring will i need to cover 1907 square feet

  52. Alana Kane

    Hi Ricky, you would need 10 boxes with an added 5% waste factor.

  53. Avatar

    Hi my room is 10ft x16ft how many packs of laminte will i need to buy with a box of laminate that covers 20.67sf

  54. Alana Kane

    Hi Lynne, thanks for your question! The number of boxes will depend on which floor you are looking at. Each floor comes with different square footages per box, usually between 18 -24 sqft/bx. You are looking at 110 sqft, so you would need it to add up to that.

  55. Avatar

    How many boxes of laminate flooring do I need for a room measuring 10ft by 11 ft

  56. Viena

    Hi Barry, thanks for your comment. How many square feet of flooring are in each box? You will need a total of 254.10 sq.ft., which includes 5% extra to cover the waste factor.

  57. Avatar

    i have a rec room that is 22ft long by 11ft across how many boxes of laminate would i need

  58. Viena Swierczek

    Hi Maribeth, you are looking at 159.3 sqft, so you will need 9 boxes of flooring. This will include 5% extra for waste. Please let us know if you have any other questions!

  59. Avatar

    Hi i have 118×194″ how many boxes wood planks i need 19.63sq.ft per box.

  60. Alana Kane

    Hi Madge, you are looking at 144 sqft, so you would need 7 boxes, for a total of 164.24 sqft. This will include 5% for waste.

  61. Avatar

    How many packs of laminate packs have 1.908 m2 for 12 foot x. 12foot room

  62. Viena Swierczek

    Hi Charles, thanks for your comment. Your room is 117 sq.ft (9 x 13). We recommend purchasing 5-10% extra to cover any waste or damage during installation, so we would advise purchasing enough flooring to cover 128 sq.ft. If each carton contains 45 sq.ft, we recommend you purchase 3 cartons of flooring. Please let us know if you have any other questions!

  63. Avatar
    Charles J Krynak

    I have a room thats 9×13 . Floor planks cover 45 sq ft per carton many cartons would i need with some extra in case of waste.. ? ??

  64. Alana Kane

    Hi Gary, you will need 120 sqft without 5% in waste. Depending on the floor and the amount of sqft per box, your box count will vary.

  65. Avatar

    my room 6×20

  66. Avatar

    Hi Gabe – One plank would cover about 1.99 sqft.

  67. Avatar

    If i have a box of flooring with 41.72sqft per box and 21 pieces of laminate in each box how many feet is one piece

  68. Avatar

    Hi Dee – We would need to know how many square feet are the box of flooring you intend to purchase before we can tell you how many boxes you need. Please reply to this comment with this information and we will be happy to help you!

  69. Avatar

    My room is 13′ x 17′, 221 square ft. How many boxes of laminate wood flooring do I need

  70. Alana Kane

    Hi Gia, thanks for your question. The 6 boxes will cover 89.76 sq.ft. total. If you need help calculating the square footage of your room, you click here for our room calculator.

  71. Avatar

    I have 6 boxes of laminate flooring. The boxes say 10 pieces(5-5/8 X Random lengths). 14.96 Sq ft per cartpn. How much will this cover?

  72. Avatar

    Hi Raven – You will need 15 boxes of flooring.

  73. Avatar


  74. Avatar

    Hi Todd – You will only need 9 boxes of flooring. It will cost $157.41 for the 9 boxes, not including any taxes or shipping costs. Hope this helps!

  75. Avatar

    Yes my living room measurements are 15’x13’ and box of flooring say that it will cover 23.91 sq.ft. And is $17.49 a box. I hate to say it but I’m to lazy to figure it with a calculator LOL thanks Todd!!!

  76. Avatar

    140ft of 7.5in wide planks will cover 87.5 sqft.

  77. Avatar

    20 planks of 7ft x 7.5in planks will cover 87.5 sqft.

  78. Avatar

    how many sq.ft will be covred with 140 ft ( 7 1/2 wide) wood. thanks.

  79. Avatar

    i have 20 7ft X 7 1/2 inch planks. how many sq ft it will cover

  80. Alana Kane

    Glad it was helpful Bobby!

  81. Avatar

    Thank you for this very informative blog. I certainly learned a lot especially with regards to calculating the number of boxes I would need to know my final square footage. I will definitely take note of this once I finally decide to have my flooring redesigned.

  82. Avatar

    Hi Sandra – In order to calculate how many square feet your 14 boxes will cover, I will need to know how many square feet are in each box. This can usually be found on the side of the box of laminate flooring, or on the paper insert inside the box of flooring. Reply to this comment with the requested information and I will be happy to help you!

  83. Avatar

    Hi, I have 14 boxes of 4 ft x 6.5 inch laminate floor (7 pieces per box). How many square feet will the 14 boxes cover? Thank you

  84. Avatar

    Hi Judith! You will need 14 boxes of flooring. This amount has also taken into account 5-10% waste factor.

  85. Avatar

    Hi Derrick – In order to help you calculate how many boxes you will need, I will need to know how many sq.ft. are in the box of flooring you are considering. Each manufacturer and each collection of flooring usually has a different sq.ft. per box, which you can find on the box itself or on the website where the floor is being sold. Please comment with the sq.ft. per box and I will be happy to help you!

  86. Avatar

    How many boxes of 21.44 sq ft. Will I need to cover 18ft by 15ft room

  87. Avatar

    My kitchen floors 15 x 20 how many boxes of wood laminate when I need

  88. Avatar

    Hi Kendria – I need to know how many square feet are in the boxes of flooring to be able to give you an answer. It should be listed on the size of the box or on the website as “Box Content”. The measurement should be in Sq.Ft. Please reply to this comment and I will be happy to help you figure it out!

  89. Avatar

    My room is 15×25 how many boxes will need to lay down flooring

  90. Alana Kane

    Hi Jope, thanks for the question. Your room is 182 sq.ft. The number of boxes will depend on the flooring you’re purchasing, as they all have different square footage per box. If you purchase on our site, we will automatically calculate that for you!

  91. Avatar

    My room is 13×14, how many boxes do I need/?

  92. Alana Kane

    Hi Kisha, thanks for the question. You will need 13 boxes of flooring, for 178.62 sq.ft. You room is 168 sq.ft. so you will have some extra planks for waste and cuts.

  93. Avatar

    Sorry how many boxes will I need

  94. Avatar

    Hello, my room is 12×14 and the laminate flooring is 13.74 sqft how many homeschool I need?

  95. Avatar

    Hi Shell – If I am reading your measurements correctly, you have 473 sq.ft to cover and the box of laminate has 23.68 sqft (2.2 sq. meters) in each box. You will need 20 boxes to cover the area plus 5% to 10% extra to cover any cutting mistakes or planks that could become damaged in the installation process.

    We would recommend you purchase 21 to 22 boxes to cover 473 sq.ft of the flooring you are purchasing.

    If you have any more questions or need additional help, feel free to reply to this comment, email us at, or use our Room Calculator!

  96. Avatar

    Hi have a largish space to cover its is 473 sq ft the boxs of laminate I want to use covers 2.2 meters how many boxes would I need plz

  97. Avatar

    Hi Shelia, your room is 209sqft (19 x 11 = 209), you will need this much flooring, plus 5%-10% to calculate in waste factor, making the total you should order about 220sqft (209 x 0.05 = 10.45 [209 + 10.45 = 219.45]).

    Most boxes of flooring have anywhere from 13sqft to 25sqft of flooring, so I am not sure how the box of flooring you are looking at only has 1.37sqft inside of it. I would double check the box of flooring and then comment back on this post so we can help you further. Thanks for reaching out!

  98. Avatar

    My room is 19ft ×11ft
    Each pack contains 1.37
    how many packs do I need

  99. Avatar

    Hi Josh! Assuming you mean your bathroom is 10 ft by 10 ft, your square footage for the room is 100 sq ft. You should then calculate an additional 5% to 10% for the waste factor (such as incorrect cuts or damaged planks), so the total flooring you will need will be 105 sq ft to 110 sq ft. I cannot tell you how many boxes you will need without knowing which flooring you plan on purchasing, because the sqft per box varies depending on the style of the flooring and the manufacturer of the flooring. If you are able to give me the sq ft per box I would be happy to help you!

  100. Avatar

    Hello I have a 10 by 10 bathroom how many boxes of laminate would I need

  101. Alana Kane

    Hi Candy! The amount of boxes will depend on which flooring you are looking at. Floors can have a range of sq.footage per box. If you are ordering on our website, your boxes will automatically populate when you enter your square footage.

  102. Avatar

    How many boxes would I need for 425sq ft

  103. Avatar

    Hi Jodie – 170ft of flooring is not enough to cover 210sqft of space. If you have any other questions or need more flooring, please feel free to call us at 1-800-520-0961 and we will be happy to help you finish your flooring project!

  104. Avatar

    I have 170ft of oak snap together flooring and apox 210sqf of space to cover. Can someone please tell me if I have enough flooring or will I need a little more, I am covering a pretty square area and I just need a simple answer please.

  105. Alana Kane

    Hi Starr! You will need 11 boxes to cover your 266 sq.ft. space if it is a basic rectangle. If you need to calculate additional rooms, you can use this formula to find out your square footage:

  106. Avatar

    How many boxes of 24.49 sq ft. Will I need to cover 19ftby14ft room

  107. Alana Kane

    Hi Eddie! Thanks for your question. The number of boards in a box will depend on the brand and manufacturer. Generally, there are 6-9 planks in a box, making 18 – 25 sq.ft. on average. This information will be listed on product specifications. Hope this helps!

  108. Avatar

    How many floor boards come inside a premier glueless laminate flooring box

  109. Alana Kane

    Hi Michelle! You can convert sq. feet to boxes through the calculator our website. Select any product and type in the square feet in the right hand calculator at Since products have different sq. feet per box, this helps determine your need per product. Hope that helps!

  110. Avatar

    Where is the link to this calculator that figures out how many boxes of flooring one needs. Am I blind?
    trying to calculate 1400 sq ft

  111. Avatar

    I recently had to calculate the flooring in a living room that had some weird angles and a hallway. I used the calculation here for the living room to figure out how much product I need but I also used a floor app that I just downloaded to my phone for another angle room. I tried a few different apps that you take a picture of the room and it calculates all the corners and the hallway. Also I recently got a guillotine type of shear and worked great for working indoors during December 🙂 No dust so it worked out great.

  112. Avatar

    Hi Barbara,

    Assuming your room is a square 16’x16′, you will simply multiply the length of the room by the width of the room, giving you 256 sq.ft. of floor to cover. Add 10% for the waste factor, so you would end up with needing 281.6 sq.ft. total. If you room is not a perfect square, please visit this blog post to see the best way to calculate your square footage.

    In order to find how many boxes you need, you will first need to look at the sq.ft. on the box of flooring. You will then divide 281.6 by the sq.ft. shown on the box. This will give you how many boxes you will need to cover your room. You may have to round up so you are purchasing a full box, as only full boxes of flooring are sold. Each box of flooring contains a different sq.ft. decided upon by the manufacturer, so there is no standard. I don’t know which hardwood flooring you’re looking at, so I can’t give you a definite answer.

    I hope this has helped you! If you have any more questions, please call our sales representatives and they can help you further! 1-800-520-0961.

  113. Avatar

    How many boxes of hardwood flooring do i need for 16’x16′?

  114. admin

    Hello Leila,and thank you for your question. You need 120 sq.ft + 5-7% for waste = approx. 128sq.ft. Now you will divide your square footage by your flooring content. You will come up with the number of boxes you need (you will probably need to round it up or down to the next full box.)

  115. Avatar

    my room is 12ft x10ft how many packs of Laminte will i need to buy

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