How to Install Vapor 3-in-1 Silver Underlayment

One of the most overlooked parts of any floor installation is the underlayment. Installing the right underlayment can make your new floor last longer and be more comfortable for your family. Let us help you learn how to install Vapor 3-in-1 Silver Underlayment.

Installing underlayment is easier than many homeowners realize. It can also help cut costs by as much as 10%!

Which Underlayment Is For Me?

When looking for the perfect underlayment for your home, start by searching for a 3-in-1 underlayment, such as Vapor 3-in-1 Silver Underlayment. 3-in-1 underlayment offers the most luxurious features in your flooring, including:

  • Vital underlayment properties
  • Vapor barriers to prevent excess moisture from ruining your new floors
  • Sound reduction to make walking on your flooring quieter

In this guide, we take you through each of the steps on how to install Vapor 3-in-1 Silver Underlayment in your home. With our easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, you’ll be amazed at just how easy it is for you to complete your flooring project.

Where To Use It?

This type of underlayment is ideal for the rooms in your home where moisture is a concern, such as the bathrooms, laundry rooms or kitchens.  You can use Vapor 3-in-1 Silver Underlayment on both wood and concrete subfloors, making it extremely versatile.

Cement Subfloor
Cement Subfloor
Wood subfloor
Wood Subfloor

But Before You Begin…

One of the easiest ways to ensure you have a successful project is to prepare before you begin. With all of the necessary supplies, tools, and materials on hand your project can complete your project in a fraction of the time.

Supply List:

  • Enough Vapor 3-in-1 Silver Underlayment
  • Flooring
  • Broom or a Shop Vacuum
  • Tape
  • Utility Knife

Step 1: Clean Away All Debris From the Subfloor

Before you lay the first section of underlayment, you need to clear away all debris, dirt and objects from the subfloor. Using a shop vacuum is best. If you don’t have a shop vacuum available, you can also use a broom. Give your floors a good cleaning. This will ensure that your project is a success!

Clean Your Subfloor

Step 2: Do a Sub-Floor Double Check

Damage to your subfloor might be subtle but it can have a tremendous impact on your project’s success. Look over every detail of your subfloor to make sure that there is no damage. If you notice any cracks, holes, protruding objects, or sections that are not level, stop. You’ll need to repair these damages before you can continue.

How to Install Vapor 3-in-1 Silver Underlayment - Inspect the subfloor for damage

Step 3: Time to Begin!

Once the subfloor is clean and well-inspected, you’re ready to begin. Get started by rolling out the underlayment with the silver side facing down. The tape strip should be flush up against the wall. Leave the overlapping section on the side that goes out toward the room. You’ll need this section later as you continue to unroll your underlayment.

How to Install Vapor 3-in-1 Silver Underlayment - Unroll your underlayment

Step 4: Do a Side Check

Double check that the flooring you just unrolled is facing the correct sides. The tape strip should be next to the wall, and the overlapping film must open toward the room. If this is backwards, it is important to fix it now or your floor will not be installed correctly.

How to Install Vapor 3-in-1 Silver Underlayment - Check the sides of your underlayment

Step 5: Install Parallel to the Wall

Make sure your underlayment is installed parallel to the wall. This is the best way to ensure your underlayment works the way it should.

How to Install Vapor 3-in-1 Silver Underlayment - Put your underlayment parallel to the wall

Step 6: Cut and Paste

Once you’re sure that your underlayment is facing the right direction and is parallel with the wall, you can cut it. Cut the underlayment using a utility knife for the most exact results.

How to Install Vapor 3-in-1 Silver Underlayment - Cut and paste your underlayment

Step 7: Add Temporary Tape

At this point, you might want to add tape to the underlayment to keep it in place temporarily. This helps prevent the underlayment from shifting while you work.

How to Install Vapor 3-in-1 Silver Underlayment - Tape your underlayment temporarily

Step 8: Add your flooring

With the first row of underlayment down, it’s time to install a small section of your flooring. Follow the directions from the manufacturer to make sure you install your flooring on top of the underlayment correctly.

How to Install Vapor 3-in-1 Silver Underlayment - Start laying your flooring

Step 9: Start a New Row

Once you’ve installed your flooring up to approximately a foot away from the pad, it’s time to install your next layer of underlayment.

How to Install Vapor 3-in-1 Silver Underlayment - Start a new row of underlayment

Step 10: Combining the Edges

Butt the edges of the underlayment together. Make sure that you only overlap the silver film.

How to Install Vapor 3-in-1 Silver Underlayment - Butt the edges

Step 11: Remove the Adhesive

Remove the adhesive layer. Then, stick the two sections of underlayment together.

How to Install Vapor 3-in-1 Silver Underlayment - Remove the adhesive from the underlayment

Step 12: Tape if Needed

If the underlayment does not seem to be secure, you might need to add extra tape. Put this tape over the seam to avoid the two layers from slipping away from each other.

How to Install Vapor 3-in-1 Silver Underlayment - Tape each piece of underlayment together

Step 13: Finish the Installation

Continue following these steps until the installation is complete.

How to Install Vapor 3-in-1 Silver Underlayment - Continue installing your flooring

Installing Vapor 3-in-1 Silver Underlayment is not difficult when you know how to do it. With these instructions, you can successfully complete your DIY project like a pro!

Now, we’d love to hear from you! How did your project turn out? Did you have success with these steps? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Hi Aaron! The non heated basement should not be a problem. The laminate should not be affected by that coldness of the basement. It does sound like the big box store did install the underlayment incorrectly. This means that the vapor barrier was not installed on the subfloor. If your subfloor is plywood, then there is no need to worry about the improper installation. If your subfloor is concrete, the vapor barrier (the silver part) will not stop the moisture from rising into the underlayment padding.

  2. I had over 1400sq ft of underlayment installed wrong with silver side up on main floor of house and Laminate installed. I do have a basement that’s completely finished besides the ceiling for tax purposes. This space is not heated it remains a decent temperature all season. Gets a little chilly in winter. Will this cause issues and should I contact the installer. This was a big box store. Only reason I came across this was because I took pictures and had an extra roll and was looking at the directions that came with it. Could not believe they did this!!

  3. Hi Sarah, we recommend installing with the silver side down. The silver side is the vapor barrier that will prevent moisture from coming up from the subfloor.

  4. What if the underlayment was installed silver side up, does it matter?

  5. Hi Rod, thanks for the question. I would trim so you still have tape, or you will just need to use tape of some sort instead. It won’t matter as far as the underlayment usage which you cut.

  6. When I am laying the underpayment and my next row is narrower than the roll it comes in. Do I trim the side away with the sliver side or do I trim so I still have the tape side?

  7. Hi Brian, thanks for the question. I believe they state this to make sure seams are not lining up (underlayment seam with floor seam), meaning there is no opportunity for there to be gaps between the underlayment and floor locking system. I do not believe it will make a difference, however, if you do install the other direction.

  8. The underlayment manufacturer states to roll out the underlayment PERPENDICULAR to the way I’m going to lay the flooring. Never heard of this. Is there a reason ? Does it really matter ?

  9. Thanks for sharing Richends!

  10. Richenda S Carter

    Thank you. A great site for information. Simple to follow. I agree with James A Carlson that your easy to follow instructions are far better than anything I have found on YouTube. Much appreciated. Thank you again.

  11. Awesome to hear James! Glad it could help. 🙂

  12. James A Carlson

    Thank You. This was very easy to follow, unlike the YouTube videos. I guess everyone takes the underlayment for granted, but I had numerous questions, all of which were answered with this guide.

  13. Glad it was helpful Michelle! That’s what we’re here for 🙂

  14. This was very helpful. There are no clear instructions on the package the underlayment comes in. Easy to install much easier after looking at these steps.

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