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Staged Home by Staged to Sell Homes

How to Stage your Home to Sell Quickly

Selling your home does not have to be a tedious and time consuming endeavor. You can sell your home faster than you ever thought by taking the time to prepare it for potential buyers!

Staged Home | Staged to Sell Homes
Staged Home by Staged to Sell Homes

One of our wonderful local customers and very talented home stager, Lisa of Staged to Sell Homes, is a Home Staging Pro and expert when it comes to getting your home ready for the market. “Home staging is a creative art and science that allows you to sell your home faster. It is a dynamic skill that presents your home in the best possible light,” says Lisa and her team. Staged to Sell Homes focuses on making homes stand out on the market. By highlighting the strengths of your home and downplaying the weaknesses, your home will be extraordinary and highly desirable. Home staging is an art and tool, allowing you to sell your home fast and at the price you want! Lisa has some great ways of making your home more appealing and marketable.

1. Curb Appeal

First impressions are everything. Before the potential buyer even enters your home, they will see the outside. Take the time to trim and edge your lawn, pull any weeds (especially on the driveway and walkway), plant some flowers, and make the home welcoming from the outside. A few simple touches such as a welcome mat, blossoming flower pot or fresh mulch can make all the difference!

Lisa believes in maximizing curb appeal and recommends painting the exterior if it appears dull or worn, adding color by painting flower pots and adding flowers, and power washing the exterior including siding and windows. Pay attention to detail, because the potential buyer will be very observant.

2. Bright & Shiny

Take the time to really clean the home and make it bright and shiny. Start with cleaning – everything. Clean the floors, wash the windows, dust (don’t forget about ceiling fans and wall decor). Remove all unnecessary clutter and highlight the best parts of the home. If you have gorgeous floors, make sure they are visible and shiny. Open up the curtains and let the natural light in, brightness will make your home appear more spacious and breathable.

The process of changing a house from an ordinary dwelling to a highly desirable purchase begins with the removal of clutter and debris. It’s also important to make everything sparkle and shine!  Less is More…thin things out! – Staged to Sell Homes

3. Focus on the Details

You can bet that the potential buyer will be very particular and observant. You have to do the same! Pay attention to every tiny detail. Touch up paint, organize, clean the nooks and crannies and focus on refreshing the space. Put yourself in the shoes of the potential buyer and think about what you would and wouldn’t want to see. Also, focus on primary living spaces such as the kitchen and bathrooms. Those are the spaces that will get the most attention from potential buyers.

Staged to Sell Homes focuses on detail – Lisa likes to make small but important changes such as hanging fresh towels, cleaning out the closets to show off the storage space, concealing pets (Not everyone likes furry friends) and setting the tone. Turn on soft music, bake cookies, make the house into a home.

4. Repair & Replace

Anything that is damaged or outdated must be replaced. Take the time and make the investment to fix any broken features as most buyers will get instantly turned off.

  • Flooring: Floors can be a key selling point in a home. Remove or clean any stained carpeting. Depending on the condition of existing flooring, you might want to consider a replacement. Your choices are endless ranging from affordable vinyl plank flooring, to laminate and hardwood. A home with beautiful floors will likely sell for more!
White Kitchen
Kitchen | Quickstep Classic Flaxen Spalted Maple | Available at Bestlaminate
  • Walls: If your walls aren’t visibly perfect, take the time to touch up the paint or fully repaint the walls. Paint is inexpensive and can be a DIY project! Fresh and clean walls can make all the difference. If you decide to repaint, opt for light and bright colors which will make your space appear larger and more airy.
  • Hardware & Accessories: Upgrading hardware can make a tremendous difference and it is very inexpensive! Replacing light switches, mounted wall and ceiling lamps, fans or kitchen hardware can make a big difference. Remove outdated hardware & accessories and replace with simple and clean options.


Staging your home for sale can be a fun and creative process. Get inspired by Lisa from Staged to Sell Homes or reach out to her if you need any help or have questions! If you decide to stage your home, please share before & after images with us – we would love to hear about your success story.
Staged Home by Staged to Sell Homes
Staged Home by Staged to Sell Homes
Questions or comments? We would love to hear about your home staging experiences. If you have any other tips to sell your home faster and make it more marketable, please share them with us!

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