Insane Before and After House Flip in Ohio

Our friends Michael and Doris from the Wright Group Real Estate are local Cleveland real estate agents, house flippers and loyal Bestlaminate customers. After seeing these photos, we HAD to share this make-over. Trust us when we say this is one insane before and after house flip.

Before –  Scary Curb Appeal 
This is the before with a new door. Notice the old windows and overgrown gutters. I think I would have ran away starting with this…

After – Is this the same house?
Amazing what windows, paint and accents can do to your curb appeal! The house looks beautiful.

Before – Not So Welcoming Entryway 
An upclose look at the old door, horrible paint job and very narrow front entry.

After – Come on in!
Wow! Bright, airy and open. White trim, cream walls and beautiful reclaimed laminate floors really creates an inviting feel. Although this particular flooring has been discontinued, you can find beautiful reclaimed floors here.

After – View from the Door

Before – Hallway Off entry


Closed Off Kitchen:
Reigning from the 70’s, this is a classic closed off kitchen with peek-a-boo windows.

Worn and dirty old fireplace.
11846508_870467666382126_617006230757229079_n (1)

After – Open Floor Plan:
Knocking down the walls, refacing the fireplace and adding the flooring really changed this space! We just love the wall color.


Beautiful mantle appropriately sized for the space. Clean, modern and natural.

Wright_Armstrong_architectural-remnants_seaside-pine-dockside_L6656-39  Wright_Armstrong_architectural-remnants_seaside-pine-dockside_L6656-31

Before – Inside the Kitchen:
There’s really nothing nice to say about this.

New Kitchen:
Amazing! A functional kitchen with beautiful cabinets and a huge island will make this a family and entertaining hub.

Can you believe this make-over! We absolutely love sharing projects like this.

For more information on this listing, click here.

What was your favorite part of this flip?


  1. Christie,
    Look for me on Facebook, Carmen Ferguson, Pell City, AL. My husband is in the construction business and I will give you some pointers on how to find free or discounted materials. We are currently doing a remodel and a house flip simultaneously, so I feel your pain. I would send/receive info here but I check Facebook often and am more likely to see your message there. ?

  2. Did anyone find out the exterior colors of this house? Thanks.

  3. Awesome Dana! Unfortunately, we do not know those details. Sorry!

  4. I love it! I don’t think I will have anything other than open concept! What color is the exterior paint?

  5. Thanks for sharing Rachel!

  6. Yeah, I have to agree with the above comments. Those original 1/4” thick cabinets should have stayed too. I see they were replaced with solid, “gonna last forever” cabinets of this modern day. They totally ruined the privacy the original kitchen supplied for the homemaker trying to avoid conversations with her husband and kids. Nowadays it seems like people enjoy the welcoming and relaxed feeling open concepts give when, we all know that creates laziness. The trend will go back to the tiny, confined rooms of yesteryear soon enough…

  7. Hi Christie, thanks for checking out our post! Feel free to get in touch with the home flippers through their website here: Best of luck to you and your project!

  8. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Shayna! Design is personal – we love hearing everyones take on projects.

  9. Please tell me, HOW do you accomplish such amazing results, With little funding.
    We took our life savings and purchased a “fixer upper” with full intentions of a complete flip. This is proven to be far much more difficult than we ever imagined.
    We’re getting on up in age, and the fact of having a home bought and paid for in itself is a dream most will never ever know. Now we’re faced with not only the things we have dream of doing, But with repairs that have no choice of being done for our safety, and the safety of our home.
    Our backs are against the wall, So I’m looking for some much needed advise on material and vendor resources that I’m hoping you will be generous enough to share with me. We have the first part of our dream, now we’re trying so hard to realize the last of it.
    Thank you for sharing your amazing sucsses stories, and with a little help from nice and a lot of hard work we too will share in the victory of to her me, from homely, as you have.

  10. Totally agree! This is boring and sooooo predictable. This isn’t a farmhouse, so I’m not sure why they did the Fixer Upper treatment to what could’ve been a cool modern vibe in this house. This is generic. I hate it. ??‍♀️

  11. Love the makeover! The outside paint is beautiful! Such a lovely transformation! Why wouldn’t you want to get rid of the boxes in ‘80’s feel of this home? I love it!

  12. Amazing! The Wrights have brought life back to this house, making it a home again. Floors look great! Good paint color and design choices….

  13. Thanks for your feedback, Leslie! It is very interesting to see how home remodeling trends change and evolve over time!

  14. Agree! Where I live, people keep buying up houses for flips. It’s sad to see them remove every bit of character and replacing it with the same cookie-cutter HGTV look. No interior walls. A 1920’s bungalow might need some updates and redecorating, but in the end, it should still boast all the character it once had. I’m for real brick, real stone, real hardwood, and please don’t take the walls down. I can’t help but think 20 years from now the “thing” will be to try and put all the walls back.

  15. Thanks for your feedback Vicki! We appreciate you sharing your thoughts on this renovation.

  16. A lot of the changes were less than ideal. Replacing unique parquet flooring with cheap laminate is NOT an upgrade. Neither is replacing real brick with generic stick-on stone. Looking forward to the day when the “open concept” goes out of style. Nothing says “college studio” quite like putting the kitchen and living room in the same space.

  17. Hi Missy, glad you love it! You can reach out to the house flippers, Michael and Doris, for more information on those details: Thanks!

  18. Would really like to know the exterior paint colors and brand they used on this house. Redoing our house in florida and would like to do those colors

  19. Hi Linda, we have reached out to the home flipper and are waiting to hear back!

  20. Could you please tell me the exterior paint color of the flipped house.

  21. Hi Reba, we can contact our house flippers to see if they remember!

  22. Hi just wondering what the exterior paint color is. It’s beautiful

  23. Hi Lynn, thanks for your comment! Isn’t it a beautiful color? We are not sure what exact color this is, you can reach out to Michael and Doris for the details of this flip!

  24. What is the color on the house?

  25. Thank you, Lori! We’re not sure what colors were used on the exteriors of the house. If you contact the Wright Group Real Estate, the people who remodeled the house, they would be able to tell you!

  26. Looks awesome! What was the paint colors on the exterior of the house? Love them.

  27. You guys always do a great job! We are proud to be your flooring partner and show off your projects. Looking forward to your new ones in 2017!

  28. Wow , Great floors!
    Those real estate agents/ house flippers extraordinaire Doris & Mike Wright sure got the job done nicely!
    Seriously, Best laminate always has the best selection , most current looks for us to try out. Amazing! They ship across the USA!! Just love the way the flooring brings the space together!

    Thanks for featuring our project home!
    Doris Wright
    Century 21 Homestar

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