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How To Install Vapor 3-in-1 Blue Underlayment

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This step-by-step illustrated guide will show you how to install Vapor 3-in-1 Blue underlayment.

Underlayment is the cushion between your subfloor and your laminate flooring. There are a variety of types of underlayment available. Vapor 3-in-1 Blue underlayment is one of the most popular choices in underlayment because of how much protection it provides.

3-in-1 underlayment options offer a barrier level to protect your flooring. In addition, they guard against moisture and minimize sound pollution when walking on your floors. This type of underlayment is most commonly used when there is a risk of some moisture seeping into the floor and there is a desire for a quieter walking surface.

Installing Vapor 3-in-1 Blue underlayment is easy when you know the right steps to take.

How to Install Vapor 3-in-1 Blue Underlayment

The first thing you will want to do is get organized. Putting together your tools and getting all of the necessary pieces in place will make your installation run a lot smoother.

You will also want to create some climate control in the area where you will be installing the new floors for at least 48 hours before the installation. To do this, keep the room temperature at at least 65°F and the relative humidity below 65%.

Now that you’re ready, let’s get started!

Gather Your Tools And Supplies

To install your underlayment, you will need:

  • Vapor 3-in-1 Blue underlayment
  • Your Flooring
  • Broom and Dustpan
  • Tape
  • Scissors or a Utility Knife

Tools Need to Install Vapor 3-in-1 Blue

Step 1: Clean Your Subfloor

If you try to install the underlayment over dirt, dust, or debris, you risk damaging your underlayment and flooring. Clean your subfloor using your broom and dustpan so that it is free of any foreign objects.

Clean Your Subfloor

Do a Visual Inspection of Your Subfloor

Once cleaned, you can do a visual inspection of your subfloor. Check for damages, such as dents, cracks, holes, protruding objects, uneven flooring, or moisture. All of these can damage your flooring if you try to install your underlayment and laminate on top.

Check Your Subfloor for Damage

Step 2: Roll Out Your Underlayment

Roll your underlayment next to the wall. Start in the corner to keep it as even as possible across the room.

Put the tape strip next to the wall and the overlapping film outwards toward the open room.

Roll Out Your Underlayment

Put the Tape Strip Next to the Wall

Step 3: Cut the Section

Once you have your underlayment firmly in place, cut the section using your scissors or utility knife.

Cut Your First Section of Underlayment

Step 4: Roll Out the Next Section

Roll out the next section with the tape side over the overlapping film on the previous section.

Roll Out the Next Section of Underlayment

Step 5: Butt Underlayment

Butt your underlayment sections together so that the tape side is flush up against the other piece of underlayment and on top of the overlapping film. Keep the overlapping film facing outwards throughout your project.

Butt the Edges of Your Underlayment

Don’t overlap! Although you want your underlayment sections to be next to each other, be careful you do not overlap the sections beyond the overlapping film. This can cause the flooring to raise up in sections around the room, making it uneven and unstable.

Overlapping Your Underlayment

Step 6: Cut Section

Cut the next section of underlayment. If necessary, use tape to hold the underlayment firmly in place while you cut. You can use additional tape if necessary, beyond what is already on the underlayment.

Cut the Next Section of Underlayment

Step 7: Install Your Flooring

By now you should have acclimated your flooring for at least 48 hours before installation by cross stacking the boxes. If you have not done that, pause before you continue. If you have, install your laminate flooring using the manufacturer’s instructions.

Acclimate Your Flooring

Install Laminate Flooring

Step 8: Continue Installation

Continue installing the underlayment and flooring together until your room is complete.

Continue Installing Your Laminate Flooring

Congratulations! You’ve successfully installed your Vapor 3-in-1 Blue underlayment. Did we miss a step? Do you have a pro tip to share with others installing underlayment on their own? Share it in the comments below!


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