Is Laminate Flooring Cheaper Than Carpet

When searching for new flooring options you may be tempted to cover your whole house in carpet and call it a day. It’s soft, cushy, and cheaper than any other flooring… right?

Not Really!

While the up-front cost of carpet might be tempting, over time laminate flooring is cheaper than carpet. Laminate flooring is made to last and is nearly double the lifespan of an average carpet. Flooring is considered an investment, as it really becomes a permanent fixture in your home. With laminate flooring you will never have to worry about the juice that spilled or the accident your furry friend just had! Laminate flooring can simplify your life and save you lots of money and time.

The average lifespan of carpet is eight to twelve years. Depending on the grade of carpet you install, you can give or take a few years either way. As with carpet, there are many different grades of laminate flooring in the marketplace. But, due to the fact that laminate flooring is fade resistant, scratch resistant, and burn resistant; your laminate flooring will see many more years of use than carpet. Many quality laminate flooring companies offer a 25 year residential warranty package.

Why Choose Laminate Over Carpet

With laminate flooring, there are never “matted” areas. Laminate flooring never shows footprints or a ‘path’ like carpet would. With carpet, a traffic pattern can become well defined within a short period of time. When laminate flooring is installed, this pattern is never seen. Laminate has the look and feel of real wood, as many laminate flooring companies have gotten really good as to how they make their laminate.

Laminate flooring is known to be one of the most low maintenance flooring options on the market. There are no heavy vacuum cleaners to drag around. A light sweep, or ever the occasional use of a lightweight sweeper or mop, are all that is needed when it comes to maintaining your laminate flooring.

Most carpet manufacturers recommend that carpet be replaced every 7-10 years, as the fibers will have broken down over the course of time. With laminate flooring, there are no fibers to crush, there will be no back of the carpet to feel on the feet, your laminate flooring will be enjoyed for many years to come.

Designing Your Home With Laminate

Laminate flooring is much more versatile when it comes to decorating your home, as well. With laminate flooring an area rug can be added or changed over time. Instead of ripping out all of the flooring, you can paint, replace an area rug, or maybe even add a slip cover to your sofa. Laminate flooring allows these welcoming changes to take place rather quickly. If ten years have passed and you are ready for a new look with laminate flooring, just change a few things and your space will be transformed. There is no need to rip out your flooring to give your room the fresh update that you desire.

Looking at the big picture – laminate flooring is a much better investment than carpet. With a longer lifespan, greater durability, and more luxurious look, laminate flooring is typically a better option for a busy home in need of a durable flooring solution.

Convinced to use laminate flooring in your next home renovation project? Order a free sample of your favorite flooring to see what it could look like in your home today!

*This post was updated from 2010 to give you a better reading experience and a better understanding of why laminate flooring is cheaper than carpet.

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  1. Hi Lorraine, thanks for your question! Yes, you will need an underlayment for your Elesgo. The backing is only a special sound proof coating. The underlayment will depend on your subfloor – if you have wood, you can use any type of laminate underlayment. If you have a concrete subfloor, you’ll need a vapor barrier underlayment. As for moldings, you will need at least a quarter round or wall base to cover the expansion gaps. We only have plain white wood molding options. Let us know if you have any other questions!

  2. I am considering Elesgo Arctic White. Do I need an underlayment?
    Also, what kind of moulding do I need, if any.
    The sample seems to have a backing.

  3. Hi Victoria! We do flooring matches all the time. If you could send us a photo of your current floors to [email protected] and any details on the name/brand, we can take a look for you. We can send you free samples of the floors we select for you to compare at home. We look forward to helping you!

  4. Victoria Keisner

    I have part of my home done in laminate the rest is carpet except for the bathrooms I would like to take the carpet out and put laminate to match the existing laminate flooring but I’m not sure if I can get a match. What would you do?

  5. Hi Victoria! Unfortunately, we are not the experts on refinishing flooring. You would need to check the thickness of your planks and determine if you could remove the paint, sand and stain the pine planks. Painting may be easier, but you would need to apply a coat of paint to reduce the possibility of chipping. We’d recommend contacting a hardwood refinishing professional to give you a better idea. Thanks for stopping by our blog!

  6. We have decided to rip up old carpeting from a house that hadn’t been touched since the late sixties. After 5 layers of carpet, linoleum, more carpet…etc…we found painted pine planks. With finances limited we were thinking about doing what the “old timers” did, and paint. Unless we could stain. Which would be better and how do we get this paint off? Even a wander didn’t do the job.

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