Is Laminate Flooring Scratch Resistant?

Laminate flooring is the preferred flooring among homeowners because of its durability. Laminate flooring is scratch resistant, as long as you properly care for it. It is important to take time to maintain your flooring and avoid dirt from gathering on the surface, which will dull your floor out over time. See below for the most common reasons why laminate flooring gets scratched and what you can do about it!


Laminate flooring is very pet friendly. If you are worried about your big furry friend scratching the surface, rest assure laminate flooring will perform. However, when it comes to pet accidents, be sure you have a spill kit available. If wet accidents sit too long, the moisture can seep into the locking system of the laminate flooring, causing it to buckle or warp.

Saint Bernard on Quick-Step Heathered Oak laminate flooring
Quick-Step Heathered Oak laminate flooring


Laminate flooring handles most furniture very well. In the situation of furniture that moves a lot, such as dining room chairs, use felt pads to protect your floor. You may want to add felt pads to the bottom of your sofas and other stationary chairs if they have the chance of being pushed around. For office chairs that roll around, you should purchase a plastic mat to sit under the chair so you aren’t rolling on top of the laminate. When moving furniture, it is always better to lift it up and carry it instead of dragging it on the floor. If there is any dirt or grit beneath the legs of the object you’re moving, it could potentially lead to deep scratches.

Armstrong Rustics Forestry Mix White Washed laminate flooring
Armstrong Rustics Forestry Mix White Washed laminate flooring

Shoes & Every Day Traffic

Laminate flooring is very resistant to shoes and every day traffic. If you expect your space to have a large amount of foot traffic, such as an entryway, choose a laminate flooring with a an AC rating of AC4 or AC5. These higher rated laminates will withstand the commotion better than lower rated laminates.

Transitional Entry by Phoenix Home Builders SRJ Development
Transitional Entry by Phoenix Home Builders SRJ Development

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