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Is Laminate Flooring Wear Resistant?

We are often asked if laminate flooring is wear resistant. Yes, laminate flooring is wear resistant due to the aluminum oxide coating that is applied to the floor during production to extend the lifetime of the floor. Laminate flooring is given an AC rating, which tells the consumer the durability of the floor.

What is an AC Rating?

An AC Rating was developed to determine a laminate floor’s ability to withstand common stressors on a floor. These tests determine a floors ability to stand up to stains, fading, scratches, and daily wear resistance. AC rating ranges from AC1 to AC5, the higher the number, the better the durability. Alloc brand flooring has even developed an AC6 Rating! These floors are made for the busiest places in mind. It might be over-kill for a home, but perfect for a business that gets tons of foot traffic.

**Please Note: Bestlaminate does not carry AC1 or AC2 rated floors, due to the low-performance of these floors.**

Will My Floor Eventually Show Wear?

Laminate flooring is wear resistant but overtime, just like anything, it is only natural to see some wear. Luckily, there are things you can do to prevent premature wear of laminate.

  • Use area rugs or carpets in high traffic areas
  • Sweep your floors regularly
  • Ask guests and family to remove their shoes when coming in from outside
  • Place felt pads on the bottom of furniture
  • Use a plastic mat underneath office chairs

If you have any questions or concerns about the wear resistance about your laminate flooring, write them in the comments below!

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