Do You Know What to Look For in Flooring Companies?

You’re ready to replace your floors, but where do you start? Perhaps you’ve looked online at flooring colors. Maybe you’ve already done your research on the type of flooring you want to install. Now, you need to find the right business to purchase your flooring from.

Your new flooring isn’t a small investment. You deserve to have 100% confidence in the design and product you choose. Here are a few tips for how to narrow your search of flooring companies and find the right one to work with for your next flooring purchase.

Get a Free Sample

This is fundamental to your flooring search. Lighting, wall color, and furniture can all effect how your flooring looks in your home compared to in the store or online. Although you might have a good idea of the coloring you want, a free sample will help you hone in on the perfect match for your space.

Don’t buy flooring without checking a sample first! If a flooring company doesn’t offer a free sample, find one that does.


Get Help With Your Purchase

You’re not a flooring expert. That’s why you seek to work with people who live, eat, and breathe flooring.

When looking for the right flooring company for your next purchase, find one that has personalized support. A chat box, phone number, and contact information is helpful to have access to when making your big decision.


Check the Reviews

When online shopping, it’s common to be skeptical about a website. A trustworthy, established site will have accreditations, testimonials and reviews online. Be sure to do your research before making a purchase!

Bestlaminate is proud to be BBB A+ certified for over 10 years, BizRate Customer Certified and TrustGuard certified. We also feature many customer and product testimonials on our website to provide additional resources during your purchasing decision.

Get Confidence With a Solid Return Policy

Mistakes happen. Maybe you chose the wrong flooring. Maybe you changed your mind after ordering. You should have the option to return your flooring in times like these.

Look closely at the return policies for your flooring company before you buy. Some will not let you take your flooring back if you change your mind – even if you’ve only had it for a day or two.

Also, it is helpful to look at the policy on shipping damages. Will the company help you if something goes wrong in transit? Double check before you by.

There are many different flooring companies that offer you a wide selection. Finding the right one to work with can feel like a challenge. Look for one that has full transparency by offering free samples, easy communication, and painless returns.


What else do you look for when purchasing floors? Share them with us in the comments below!

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  1. Definitely, Gina! We have a 30 day money back return policy, and also offer free samples. Thanks for checking out our post!

  2. My grandmother would like to replace the flooring in her kitchen. It’s good to know that some companies have flexible return policies, were anything to go wrong. I also like the suggestion to get some free samples to see how they look with her walls and cabinets etc.

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