Is There a Special Installation for Laminate Flooring in Bathrooms?

How to install laminate flooring in bathrooms is a common dilemma for homeowners. Provided you take certain precautions, laminate flooring can be used and will look great in bathrooms. As long as you follow the precautions below, you should have a beautiful floor that will last for years!

Use A Square Edge Design

In general, it is recommended that a square edge laminate is used in bathrooms. Square edges form a tight seal between planks and will function better then beveled edges in an environment like a bathroom where moisture can be an issue. Beveled edges form a groove at the edges that mimics natural wood, however in a bathroom this could lead to rapid water damage.

Use Glue Appropriately

Although most laminate floors do not require an adhesive, laminate glue is recommended for installation in the bathroom. Apply a bead of glue to the groove of each board before clicking in the next plank. Also, though laminate requires an expansion gap around all vertical obstructions including walls, permanent cabinets, pipes, etc., this gap should be filled with a quality silicone caulk to prevent water from leaking underneath the floor.

Choose The Right Underlayment

Underlayment can play an important role in the moisture resistance of your flooring. Be sure to choose an underlayment that has a vapor barrier, such as Vapor Barrier 2-in-1 Underlayment. However, if you’re installing a flooring that has pre-attached underlayment, you should use an underlayment without extra padding, such as Visqueen Vapor Barrier Block. Say your bathtub leaks under the floor into the subfloor, underlayment with vapor block will help protect your floor from moisture damage coming up from underneath the floor. Future you will thank past you for planning ahead!

If In Doubt, Choose Vinyl Flooring

Oftentimes, the installation of laminate flooring in bathrooms is frowned upon due to the risk of moisture damage. Luxury vinyl plank flooring has become a well-known alternative. Vinyl plank flooring is made of virgin vinyl and is 100% water resistant. It is available in an endless number of wood finishes, so you can get the wood look you are looking for without worrying about moisture.

Be sure to always read your manufacturer’s warranty information to be sure your warranty won’t be voided by installing your laminate flooring in a bathroom. If you have any more questions, write us in the comments below and we will help you!

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  1. Hi Roger, thanks for the question. This article will show you how to do it. It will be the same application as floating laminate planks.

  2. I’m about to install a rigid, clip edge style, vinyl floor system in my bathroom, which the manufacturer requires must be able to float. I can install the vanity on shims to allow the planks to move, but I’m at a loss as to how to install the commode. Do I lay the floor first, thus anchoring it under the commode, or do I cut the planks to leave an expansion space around the china?

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