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Laminate Flooring Installation: How To Cut Laminate Flooring?

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When installing laminate flooring, it is easy to wonder how to cut laminate flooring. The cuts on laminate flooring need to be precise and accurate. Before you begin the process of cutting your laminate flooring, round up the necessary tools.

Supply List:

  • Measuring tape
  • Reversed jigsaw blade with teeth pointing down
  • Dry erasable marker
  • Undercut Saw
  • Tapping Block and Pull Bar
  • Eye protection

Measure Carefully

You will want to put on your eye protection before you begin! Once you are safe, measure the total floor space with a measuring tape. You will want to measure the length and the width of the whole area. Make sure you write these numbers down, as you will be referring back to these numbers often.

Cut The Laminate Flooring

Once you have your necessary measurements, you can begin the cutting process; by using a reversed jigsaw blade. Use an old 5 gallon pail when cutting laminate flooring. You can place the laminate flooring right over it, as this will allow the dust to fall right on into the bucket. You should not experience any chipping on the top surface of the laminate flooring. By using this pail, your work area will remain a little cleaner throughout the process of cutting your laminate flooring. Try not to cut your flooring in the same room in which you are installing. You want to avoid dust from accumulating in your work space.

IMG_8948 - Copy

Create Cutting Templates

When you are cutting laminate flooring for a unique area, it is important to make a template. You can do this by taking a piece of cardboard and tracing the area that needs to be cut. Once your shape is complete, follow the template and cut out the unique shape that you need. Tape the cardboard template onto the topside of the laminate. Use your jigsaw to cut out the template, with the topside of the laminate facing up. Upon your final cut, your shape should fit that unique area that you need to install your laminate flooring in.

Don’t Forget the Doors, Trims, and Vents

Door jambs and trims can add to the challenge when it comes to cutting laminate flooring. The laminate flooring must fit under the door. Do not use caulk to hide your mistakes, you must take the time and make the correct cuts in your laminate flooring. Use an undercut saw with a rotary electric motor that drives a flat, circular saw blade in a horizontal setup.

Are you worried about heating vents? It is important to remove the cover from the heating vent. Once you have installed the last row of laminate flooring right up to the heating vent opening, you will want to measure the opening. Then you will want to transfer these measurements to the plank and/or planks that will cover the opening. Mark your cutting line ¼ inch around the measurement that you have taken for the vent opening. This allows for the required expansion space for a floating floor. If you don’t have any expansion space, the laminate will eventually buckle from contracting and expanding under heat and humidity.

You will want to use your jigsaw to cut the plank along the markings that you made for this opening. Once you have made this cut; install the cut out plank and continue with the installation process. And don’t forget to drop in the heating vent once your cut laminate plank is in place.

Cutting laminate flooring should not be an extremely complicated process when you take the time to educate yourself, and have the proper tools nearby. Remember, accurate measurements will determine how successful you are with your laminate flooring cuts. By using your skills and general safety knowledge, you will have a pleasant experience cutting your laminate flooring.

Have you cut laminate flooring? Share any tips you may have with other people in the comments below!

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