Maintenance in 3 Easy Steps

Laminate Flooring Maintenance in 3 Easy Steps

Laminate flooring maintenance is simple and easy, and can be done in three steps! Laminate floor maintenance involves a little bit of work but requires a lot more work if you’re not keeping up with it. Be sure to keep up on the maintenance of your laminate flooring and your floor will look amazing for years to come. It’s easy and very affordable. Here is your guide to laminate flooring maintenance in 3 easy steps:

1. Clean Once A Week

Regular laminate flooring maintenance is about having a nice clean floor to walk on. We recommend that you vacuum or dry mop the floor on a regular basis. Use rugs and mats in busy areas that will prevent wear and tear and dirt accumulation, preserving the beauty of your floor. With regular laminate flooring maintenance it will make the next step that much easier.

We do recommend mopping with a damp mop every other week, or as needed when it is accumulating dirt. Not sure how to clean your laminate flooring? Simply use a water and vinegar solution to clean, disinfect and refresh your floor. Just mix 1 cup of vinegar with 1 gallon of water in the bucket and mop! You don’t want the mop to be soaked but only damp so you don’t warp the floors. Damp mop the floor and let it dry. Never wax your floor! If mopping isn’t for you then we suggest buying a laminate specific floor cleaner – there are very easy and eco-friendly solutions!

2. Water Is Not Your Friend

Clean up your spills immediately. Water damage is usually not covered by manufacturers warranty. So make sure to take all precautions and avoid excessive water exposure in order to keep your flooring warranty. Also overexposure to the water can lead to buckling, which can damage your floor locking system and force you to do repairs.

Water is not your laminate flooring's friend
Water is not your laminate flooring’s friend

3. Protect Your Floors

Laminate flooring is scratch resistant – not scratch proof. It is important to protect it against any potential damage. Don’t drag heavy objects on your floor and take good care of the surface. Dirt accumulation can lead to scratching, so be sure to keep the surface fresh and clean. You can also add felt pads to the bottom of chairs and couches so that if they do move, they won’t damage your floor.

Add felt pads to the bottom of chairs and furniture that had the potential to move
Add felt pads to the bottom of chairs and furniture that had the potential to move

Laminate flooring is very family friendly. It’s safe for your family and your pets will not scratch it. You can remove stains such as permanent marker, crayons and nail polish because laminate is chemical resistant, and acetone can be safely used to remove stains. You don’t have to worry about fading or discoloration – laminate flooring is UV resistant , another bonus that will keep your floor looking great for years to come!

How do you maintain your laminate flooring? Share your guide in the comments below!

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    Will steam cleaners harm a laminate flooring

    • Avatar

      Thank you Teri for your question. Most of the steam cleaners is approved for use on hard surfaces. Several our customers are safely using steam cleaners to maintain laminate flooring. Just make sure there is no standing water on your floor at any time.

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    * Put cushion or felt bottom protectors under chair and table legs to prevent possible scratching.Felt pads
    * Place floor mats and foot brushes at all entrances of your home to pick up dirt.
    * Vacuum and dust mop regularly to keep grit from floor.

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    # Vacuum or dust mop to remove loose dirt or grit
    # Damp mop using warm water, do not saturate the floor
    # Change water as necessary to keep clean
    # Do not use polishes or waxes
    # Never clean with abrasives, scouring powder, or steel wool
    # Wipe up spills immediately
    # Avoid allowing standing liquids on your floor – including your pet’s water area
    # Dirt is the primary enemy of laminate floors.

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    Blood, fruit juice, wine, beer, soda, pasta sauce/ Use warm water and/or a neutral cleaner on a light-colored cloth. Try PERGO Cleaner Spray

    Oil, paint, permanent marker, tar or rubber heel marks Use a neutral cleaner on a clean, light-colored cloth or nail polish remover as needed

    Candle wax or chewing gum First harden with ice, and then very gently scrape off the area. Wipe with warm water on a clean light-colored cloth

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