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Laminate Flooring Moldings and Transitions

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When installing laminate flooring, it is of the utmost importance that you know what type of laminate flooring moldings and transitions you will need. These molding and transition pieces are needed to give your laminate flooring the finished look that it deserves. Depending on what types of flooring you are working with, will determine what types of materials you will need when it comes to completing the laminate flooring installation process.


A reducer is a transition molding that is sloped on one side.This is the piece that is used when two floors are not even with each other. Some perfect examples would be: laminate to vinyl and tile to laminate installation projects. This type of molding is secured to a track and is 94” long.

Reducer Molding

Reducer Molding

Stair Nose

Anytime you are installing laminate flooring on steps, you will need to use a Stair Nose. This is used to end the laminate flooring on the edge of steps. This not only completes the installation process on steps, but also provides a safe step to walk on. Our Stair nosing is also 94” long x 2 3/8”.

Stair Nose

Stair Nose

End Cap

An End Cap is used for laminate to carpet transition areas. Sometimes these are referred to as thresholds. This transition molding is secured to the subfloor with the use of track. An End Cap is also 94” long.

End Cap Molding

End Cap Molding

Quarter Round

Used separately or together with wall base molding, Quarter Round is used to cover the 1/4” gap that must be left around the perimeter while installing laminate flooring. Other places Quarter Round is used also includes in front of fire places, under cabinetry, and the front of the face plate of steps. Quarter Round nicely frames all of your flooring projects, and gives your laminate flooring the look of completion.

Versatrim quarter round molding


If you are working in an area where you have two floor surfaces that are level with each other, T-Molding is what you will use. Often used in areas when laminate to laminate is being installed, as well as laminate to tile area. T-Molding can also be used for laminate to carpet transitions. Again, this molding is secured to the sub-floor with a track and is 94” long.



Wall Base

This type of molding borders the laminate floor for a finished look. It is used around the perimeter of the floor to cover expansion gaps. Our Wall Base Molding is 3 1/4 “ high and is nailed to the wall – never to the floor. With a large color selection, you will find the perfect Wall Base Molding to complete your laminate flooring project. This molding is also 94” long.

Wall Base Molding

Wall Base Molding

We have a wide variety of colors and textures to choose from when it comes to laminate flooring moldings and transitions. You can save time and money when you purchase your flooring and accessory pieces at the same time. Having spent a lot of time and money on the installation process, it is very important to frame your work and give your room the look that it deserves.


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